Cableknit stockings.

First of all, I’m not creative enough for this to be my own idea. Angie and Audy were talking about the idea a few weeks ago when I was in Canada visiting my family. Last night I went to DI and got two cable knit sweaters for $3 each. I couldn’t believe that some of the sweaters were priced at $6, and I’m not talking about cute sweaters. I figure that if you’re going to do a re-purpose project, there’s no sense in spending more money than you need to, so luckily I found two sweaters that would work. I also decided that I was only going to use what I already had at home, I wasn’t going to buy any trims or embellishments.
I used this template for the stocking shape.
These took no time at all to sew, last night I made the appliqued initials (which I CAN take credit for being my own idea, although it seems like I am always appliqueing initials on things so maybe it’s not that creative after all), and this morning I sewed them together… with Wyatt on my lap/my back/my hair, etc. That tells you how easy these were. I used some left-over ric rac for the loops.
It’s sad to say, but these are actually the first stockings Joel and I have had since we got married. We’ve always been lucky enough to borrow stockings from his parents, and I’ve never had the desire to make any. But now it’ll be nice to have our own, and the best part is that in 10 years when we decide to have another child or two, I can make a couple more that will coordinate.

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  1. Abby that is so cute. I actually have done the same thing this year! I have been wanting to do stockings for years and I finally decided to cut up some of my old sweaters to make them. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to “finish” them. Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Oh Abby. You never cease to amaze me. What lucky kids you have to have such a talented mom! I love the red and grey. Great colors and I love the appliqued letters!

  3. I was shocked by how much sweaters were at Goodwill too! SIX dollars! I mean, sure it’s a sweater. But if man, you can buy a new Christmas Stocking at Target for 10 bucks!
    I’m glad you and I were on the same sweater stocking wavelength :)

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