Ruby Lou Doll Pattern Now Available!

Update: The Ruby Lou Doll Pattern is available HERE at Sew Much Ado!

Drum roll please…

After MANY hours of work and MANY hours of sewing and MANY hours of my sisters pretending to listen to me on the phone, the Ruby Lou Doll Pattern is finally finished and available here on Etsy!

I have to say, I really enjoyed this project. I absolutely loved the pattern writing part, the sewing a million dolls part was not quite as high on my favorites list, but still enjoyable. I have written quite a few tutorials, which I also love to do, but I was surprised at how much more work an actual pattern really is than a tutorial. It probably has something to do with the fact that I am a perfectionist AND like to over-analyze everything. Not the best combination, but in the end I am so happy with the finished pattern, and I hope you are too!

I hope that some little girls will be excited when they open up a Ruby Lou Doll for Christmas. Thanks to my sister’s pattern testing skills and one of them being slightly OCD over the dolls, all the granddaughters will have a Ruby Lou Doll by the time Christmas is over. I hope they all like them!

The Ruby Lou Doll Pattern has a special introductory price of $8 for ONE WEEK ONLY.

I have to give special thanks again to Kyla for the amazing photos of the dolls. She is truly talented. Check out her website and blog and you’ll agree!

I am going to take a break from patterns until after Christmas and then it’s back to work getting Ruby Lou into a printed pattern that is ready for quilt shops. I also have some other ideas for my next patterns that I am excited to get started on as well. We’ll see if I can make myself wait…

For now check out my Ruby Lou Pattern!

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