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If you follow me on Instagram (@sewmuchado), you may have seen a few snippets of a new pattern that I’ve been working on recently. I love Instagram. It’s definitely my favorite social media outlet, and is so addicting. I posted a pic of the leopard top below, and had all my testers lined up in no time!

Now if I could just get things finished up so the testers could, you know, test…
Anyway, I’ve made a nice big stack of these tops already for myself, and they’re pretty much my favorite thing to wear now days.

Plenty of design options to mix and match, and hopefully it should be available in the next few weeks!

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  1. love. and by the way, i finally made a peasant top for emma..okay, what has that taken me so long to do? it only took about 20 min to sew up! There are definitely more in the works and several little summer dresses coming soon too. Your patterns are always so GREAT, easy to follow and PERFECT outcome!!

  2. I am READY! I have my fabrics all picked out and ready to go! I can’t wait to test! :) It’s a really cute top!

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