I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve changed things up around this here blog. It was one of those things I’ve wanted to get done -and knew needed to get done- forever, but somehow the thought of having a baby soon and the months of decreased productivity (or maybe increased productivity is a better way to think of it) that follow a new baby helped me to actually get it done. I think I’m doing blog nesting. Hmm…

I wanted to freshen things up and simplify the look, in hopes that it will make things more convenient for you as you’re reading or searching Sew Much Ado. I have to say a huge thanks to Kim over at 733 for help fixing the layout issues that I created through my own redesign attempts, hehe. I’m sure she had plenty of things to roll her eyes about, but she was so nice and quick to work with. She also took the social media icons that I designed and apparently read my mind to tweak them just how I would have wanted. They’re now up by the header and hopefully easier for you to access.

There are a few more small changes that I’ll eventually make, but for now I’m happy to have things cleaned up a bit – doesn’t a blog redesign almost feel like redecorating a room? There’s something so nice about a fresh start, even in the online world!

Fabric Bird Mobile from A Glimpse Inside via Pinterest

And, for the record, I’ve also been doing my share of the kind of nesting that I should actually be doing these days. I’ve got lots of baby projects to show you, along with a few tutorials, and am finally getting to the point of almost being able to imagine bringing a baby home and feeling prepared. I’m not usually a fan of mobiles, but I really love the one from A Glimpse Inside pictured above. Isn’t it sweet? Ooh, and I will have peeks of a new pattern soon! I’m fairly excited about it and am crossing my fingers to have it available before the end of the month.

Have a great day!

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  1. best re-design ever! I love it so much abby! Very awesome and clean looking. :) fun fun on the new pattern too!

  2. That mobile is cute, but I made one like it for my granny for Christmas, and we had to superglue the things to the twig and design an intricate hanging system otherwise gravity kept intervening and they’d turn toe up!

  3. That is such a darling mobile!

    I am loving your new design. It looks so fresh!!

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