Crocheted Headband

One thing that I really envy about knitters and crocheters is that they can sit in front of the TV while getting something done. Once in awhile I like to feel somewhat productive while I watch TV, so the other night I crocheted another headband.

I used this pattern again for the headband, and just winged the flower (I loosely based it off of this tutorial that I’ve used before).

Thanks to Wyatt for taking the pictures for me! Give a 3 year old a camera and a tripod and you might be surprised :).

Hope you all have a happy and productive week!

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  1. I love this look and wish I didn´t know that I´d look like a goof in one – my head doesn´t seem to fit in anything but hair! :-D

  2. Very cute Abby!! I’m impressed with Wyatt’s photography skills :)I never would have guessed a 3 year old took the pictures. They look professional!

  3. i can’t believe wyatt took the pictures!
    i am so impressed that you can crochet, i tried a few times and i find it so confusing.

  4. Great headband!! Just like you said I also crochet or knit in front of the tv, during the day I’m always sewing. Guess this just doesn’t leave time to do some work in the house, lol.

  5. So cute. You did a great job on the head band. I love knitting because of that, it’s mindless and my hands can stay busy, while accomplishing something. I love the purple color too.

  6. Very Pretty! And your hair is so pretty too! I’m so jealous! Ever since I had kids I just can’t get mine to curl. :(

  7. Crocheted headbands are amazing. These are very nice! You absolutely did a great job with these pretty headbands. Keep up the good work!

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