Our Halloween.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to sew ANYTHING for Halloween.  I even had my sister bring a costume down from Canada a month ago for Wyatt so that I didn’t have anything to plan or worry about.  Hmm, well you can see how well that idea went.

I ended up making a cavewoman costume for myself, which was super simple, and I’m sure I’ll wear it every Halloween for the next 25 years.  After all, I have to carry on my cavewoman tradition, right (remember this post)?  Ya, I’m not really a person that needs variety in my life.  I could eat the same meals everyday for a month and be happy.  The best part is that the costume was SO comfortable.  I got out the ol’ permanent marker and voila, there goes my front tooth!  I won one of the prizes for funniest costume at our church Halloween party.  I don’t know that that’s a compliment, but I’ll pretend it is.

Joel is obviously a hockey player (AKA last minute costume decision when I told him he had to dress up), and Weston wore the zebra costume that Wyatt wore the last two years.  I guess we’ve gotten good use out of it!

Remember the cape that my sister Angie made for Wyatt and all the little nephews in my family?  Well thanks to the idea of my SIL Angie and another sister Ada (I know, there’s a lot of sisters going on in this post… I have 3 sisters and 5 SILs and they’re all pretty awesome so I can’t help talking about them), there were a lot of superhero’s in my family this Halloween.

For Wyatt I found some $3.50 Walmart track pants and cut them off, and then added a casing and elastic around the legs.  The pants had white stripes down the sides, so I just colored them in with a red sharpie and they were good to go.  I made the little shirt applique out of felt to match the design on the cape, and he’s wearing his gum boots covered in blue socks (they were trashed after half an hour of wearing them).

Please quit staring at the crooked lines on the mask.  Seriously.  Hehe, as you can see, the mask was basically thrown together and I decided we’d take it however it turned out.  For one night, it was perfect :).

The next night it was raining like crazy before trick or treating, and Wyatt said he wanted to be a skunk and a superhero, so I decided, why not?  I thought he looked cute, and definitely original :).

Okay, here’s what I’ve really been wanting to show you, Ada and Angie’s families, all dressed up as superheros.

Howie and Scarlett…

Can you believe that Angie is 33 weeks pregnant?  I’m pretty sure my brother would kill me if he saw this picture.  Nice tights, Andy!

And Ada’s family…
 Her kids were so excited about their costumes.

Can you believe Ada even made all the boots?  She’s kind of an over-achiever, don’t you think?  And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have even thought to put rhinestones on the masks like Angie did.

I hope you all had a fun Halloween!  Oh, and make sure to enter your knock-offs in the Copycat Challenge, you can enter anything you’ve made after August 1, 2010!

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  1. yup, you’re right. when we were taking pictures andy made sure that i wasn’t planning on posting them on my blog. good thing he doesn’t read your blog! hehe.
    i love your costume. good job on sticking with no sewing. i was thinking the same thing about christmas this year but i have thought of a plethora of sewing idea’s in the last 2 days…so much for that.

  2. These are the CUTEST halloween costumes I have ever seen. Okay maybe the cute kids make them even better. But seriously! what a creative family idea!

  3. So cute Abby. I love your cavewoman costume and Wyatt’s superhero costume. Cute, cute, cute!!! Love the blacked out tooth and the super back combed hair! Wish I could’ve see you guys in person. –SaraLyn

  4. Bahaa! Your whole family just oozes with awesomeness!! So creative! I especially love love love Wyatt, the skunk super hero!

  5. Oh my goodness, Abby… the missing tooth and all! HA HA HA HA! And I LOVE the stinky super hero! Too much cute. Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. Booyah! Thanks Abby, I died laughing at Andy’s picture ahhahahaha love it. You can’t even tell Angie’s pregnant, she looks awesome. Hey I think I worked with you at Debbie’s and you had the same cavewoman look going on…I think ;) you or Amy. Anyway, love this post.

  7. Christine — yep, even the colored in tooth (which I’m not sure that she was a huge fan of since we worked in a dental office :)). I miss those days working with you!

  8. OHHHHHH! So CUTE! I wish my husband would dress up! My girls were bugs – one a ladybug and the other a bumble bee. I wanted my husband to dress up as a flower and I would dress up as an exterminator (or vice versa) but it was a no-go. LAME! Your pictures are lovely! :)

  9. I L O V E the super hero costumes! You guys rock. I hope you don’t mind too much if we copy you next year! I’ll let Lacey know, too and we can have a super hero reunion! LOL that would be a blast!!! Good work everyone!

  10. Oh my freaking heck! HAAAAA I love that Halloween picture of you guys! Ya, I’m a little late….OOPSIE!!! But, my oh my, I LOVE IT!!!!!! hahahaha—–Lorianne :)

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