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Today’s post brings me back to being young again (insert sigh…). I grew up playing with a dollhouse that my Uncle Ken made for us, and have such fond memories of it. The dollhouse still sits in my parent’s basement, and now all their granddaughters love to play with it when they visit.

My mom used carpet, wallpaper, and paint from my sister and I’s bedroom when we were small, and it’s pretty sweet to see the next generation playing with it now.

Although I have to wait a few more months to have my own daughter, a couple of my nieces are at perfect ages to play with dollhouses, and my sister Ada had her husband make two dollhouses before Christmas – one for their daughter Olivia and one for my brother’s daughter, Scarlett. 
Ada and my SIL Angie wanted the dollhouses to be built just like the one my Uncle Ken made for us, and got just that! I think Ada would have to give her husband props for following her directions so well, hehe. He built the houses, and Ada and Angie did all the decorating and furnishings for each of their own daughters.

Today I’m sharing a close look at the dollhouse Angie decorated. It was too cute to not have a post of it’s own. Ada’s is equally as cute and pics of it will be soon to follow! All photos of Angie’s dollhouse are courtesy of her :).

The flooring is extra carpet and laminate from Angie’s house, and the “wallpaper” is Mod Podged scrapbook paper.

Angie was pretty proud of herself for making this little bed all on her own. I was pretty proud of her too, anything involving sharp objects usually doesn’t end well with me.

Have you seen anything more adorable than the tiny chandelier in the dining room? Angie found it randomly in the Christmas isle at Walmart. It was meant to be a tree ornament, but is pretty perfect for all of Barbie’s dinner parties, I think :).

Angie made the table and chairs with some scraps of wood and some small precut wood pieces from the hardware store.

 The red curtains are the perfect addition to the dining room, aren’t they?

I love the fireplace and mantle she made for the living room. Couch also compliments of Angie’s wood working skills.

And doesn’t every dollhouse need crown molding?
The small frames were found at Michael’s (and Angie added the monogram), and small beads used for the door handles.

The cozy striped bedroom…

I like the contrast that the white trim on the windows and scalloping creates next to the dark stained wood.
I remember loving playing in the attic, and with the ladder that leads up to it.

Scarlett was a happy girl this Christmas (although she did comment she wanted a dollhouse with an elevator), and it’s endearing to think that her dollhouse will probably get as much use as ours’ has over the last 25 or so years!

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  1. Wow! That is super cute! It looks bigger in the picture with the kids playing with it than it did on its’ own. I love the details…wonderful job on those dollhouses. I’m sure it will be treasured for years to come.

  2. So cute!!! Mom and I got my daughters their first dollhouse for Christmas. We got the calico critters house off craigslist. When they get old they will get the one that dad built for me :)

  3. Isn’t that fun! We one of those in our basement too, that my husband and I made many years ago. All the cute little wall paper and little home furnishings. Ours included a schoolroom and a grand piano! Fun to read this post. :-)

  4. oh my goodness!!! That is adorable!! Wish I could get my hands on an unfinished house like that. Amazing!! Can’t wait to see pics of the other one.

  5. That is impressive, despite being a grown up I would love to have a dolls house. When I have a daughter i’ll definitely be making one for her! Well done, it really does look great with all that detail. x

  6. wow!! really…i am still amazed that i am lucky enough to have that doll house sitting in my home right now!

  7. So cute! Where does one find such tiny molding?! My mom made me a really cool dollhouse when I was a kid, and then sold it at a garage sale when I was at camp! She swears she will build my daughter Scarlett one soon.

  8. I equally love the old and the new! So great. Wonderful memories had and to be made.
    I remember my childhood homemade dollhouse too…such sweet details and imagination filled in the rest.

  9. Oh wow!! This is right up my ally. My daughter just received my old wooden doll house and now we have to refinish it. Probably more work then just building a new one but we will go with it. I love the colors, the chandelier I love everything!! Great job!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Strictly Homemade!!

  10. That’s SO cute!! My husband and daughters refashioned an old bookshelf into a dollhouse. It’s still a work-in-progress, but I love the originality!

  11. Beautiful! I had one a lot like your’s when I was a little girl.I sure wish I hadn’t let my parents get rid of it when I got “too old”.

  12. Love this so much – and the red chandelier! Oh my goodness! I hope you don’t mind, but I will be sharing this on my blog tonight! Take care, Laura at

  13. WONDERFUL, what great memories for years. I still have mine, in my 50’s, best time playing with my brother even !

  14. So cute! I love dollhouses. I made one for my niece last year-now I’m having a girl in March, so I hope she passes it to her later on.

  15. I just love this so much that I am featuring it today at Strictly Homemade Tuesday!! Thanks so much for the awesom inspiration!!

  16. Your houses turned out soooo cute! I’m forwarding a link on to my dad….He will love to see how much his creation has meant over the years.

  17. This is absolutely adorable! Would you mind telling me the measurements of the house? I really want to make my little sister a doll house for Christmas since its all shes been asking for lately.

    1. Hi Rachael! I unfortunately live about 700 miles away from the doll house, so getting the measurements may be a bit tricky :). But if I can get them from my SIL, I’ll let you know!

  18. I was looking on pinterest for doll house decorating ideas and liked one of the pictures I saw. When I clicked on it it brought me to your website! Small world! This is too cute and I might be stealing some of the decorating ideas!

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