Yes I am.  After so much fuss about my stinkin camera cord, as I was putting our video camera away today, I had a little looksee at one of the cords for it, and thought “hmmm, this looks kinda like the cord for my camera.”  What do ya know, it works!  Too bad I discovered it after going without a camera cord for two months, and even worse, discovering it only hours after I finally ordered a new cord.  I guess that’s how it goes.  If anyone is missing a cord, let me know, I apparently like to collect them!
Here’s some pics of the apron that I wrote about earlier today.  It’s made so that it can have a low waist, or it can be easily folded up to have a higher waist.  I sewed the band around the waistline so that if you fold it to make a higher waist you cannot tell.  I think I like the higher waist better.
Higher waist, tied in back.
Lower waist, tied in front.


  1. Soooo cute! I love it. I have a birthday in August.

  2. Um, my birthday is in August too!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (your little guys is a cutie!!!).

  3. Join the club ladies, my birthday is in August as well, who’s gonna make me an apron? Just jokes. Maybe if I get on the ball we can all have a new apron for our birthdays! You two need to be rewarded for being loyal readers of my blog. If bribery works, I have no problems using it.

  4. This brown apron is adorable! I love it. You are so talented.

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