Hooray for me!

Okay, not really, but here are some pics from the Ikea fabric projects that I did (gulp) months ago.  We’ve moved for the summer and somehow I think my camera cord had the same fate as Angie’s did a while ago so I have to get the pictures put onto CD before I can use them.
This is the table runner I made (when I say “made”, I really mean I just had to hem the two ends… that’s right, not even 4 sides, just two ends):
p.s. I really do have 4 chairs for my table, I’m not sure where they were when I took this picture!
And here is the 2nd wall hanging I made.  After making it I decided it is a little too dorm-roomish for my likings, but it at least makes the wall a little less big and white for now.  Plus, I don’t even live in that house right now, so maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder?!

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  1. Oh that is sweet! Love how simple the table runner sounds. (I’d probably find a way to make it complicated!). Next time we make it to the metropolis of Calgary, Ikea will be on my list of places I must go. I didn’t know they sold fabric! So fun. Oh, and ya, I totally remember who you are! Sorry for the mix up there! Hope your summer is going great!

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