Flashback Friday.

Here’s today’s Flashback Friday:

Today we have another Flashback Friday courtesy of Ada.  Here’s what she said:
This 2-piece sweatsuit was just one of the many outfits our mom created. She always made them plenty big so we could wear them for extra years. Stylish. Just in case you are wondering…yes, I had the chicken pox in this picture. I’m sure I appreciated my comfy lounging outfit while I was home sick.
I actually don’t think my mom ever made me a sweatsuit.  I’m sure I wore Ada’s though a few years later.  And speaking of my mom making things big so they could get more use, I even remember her buying me an outfit when I was younger that fit Ada instead of me, and I didn’t even wear it until a few years later as a hand-me-down.  Makes me wonder if the outfit was really for me in the first place?  Hmmm…

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