Flashback Friday.

Here’s this week’s Flashback Friday:

Kristi sent in this gem and said:

Here is a picture of my husband and me in 1988 at a spring formal for our college. I LOVED that dress! It was made specially for me by an older woman in our hometown. It looks so 80s now, as does the hair, but it really was a masterpiece at the time. I can remember another girl had a dress in the same pattern, however hers wasn’t boned right and kept falling down all night. No one had the pink polka dots, though!

My husband and I just got married a year ago, but I am so glad I kept all those pictures from our college days!

Ya, probably not a dress that you’d want faulty boning in… Here’s the best part of it all: Kristi and the man in the picture dated in college and then broke up. Okay, that’s not the best part. The best part is that they ended up back together years later and like Kristi said, they just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary! Such a sweet story and a cute couple. Thanks for sharing Kristi!

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  1. very cute. the story, not the dress! although, you never know, i honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see a dress like that on the runway!

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