Flashback Friday: Grandma Leah

Flashback Friday has found it’s way back to Sew Much Ado again for today…
As I mentioned earlier this week, we were up in Canada last weekend for my Grandma Leah’s funeral, and I thought Flashback Friday would be a perfect way to share a bit of the woman that inspired me so much to sew and be creative.
Wasn’t she cute?!
The display at the guestbook during the family dinner was filled with things that made up my grandma…

One thing my grandma was known for was making quilts. It would be hard to count the number of quilts she made for my family over the years.

And don’t dare think she’d ever let someone win at tile rummy… I guess maybe that’s where I got my competitive spirit from!
The funny thing about my grandma is that she didn’t like crafts if they were too fancy. If you were to make a card for her, you had to make sure that it wasn’t too pretty, or she may not be a fan :). She loved buttons, and this Christmas tree was just one of the collages she made with buttons:

Until I was 11, I grew up on a farm just down the hill from my grandma. I loved spending time in her basement, making collages and learning to sew. Although she had 15 (yes, that’s 15!) children, many grandchildren, and over 40 great grandchildren, she somehow found a way to make everyone around her feel special and loved individually. I’m sure all of us grandkids each think we were her favorite ;).

My Grandma Leah was 90 when she passed away last week, and although she will be greatly missed, there’s comfort in knowing I’ll see her again someday :).

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. Well, ultimately it is a joyous thing, isn’t it? It sounds like she led a wonderful life and blessed many many people. Your tribute to her is beautiful!

  2. Hi,
    I am so sorry for your loss! My grandma also taught me to sew and is my favorite person…your grandma’s quilts are beautiful!

  3. What a lovely post Abby! What a wonderful gift you inherited from her. She must be so proud of you! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again..Grandmas are so special!


  4. So sorry to hear about your grandma, Abby. Glad you were able to make it back to Canada for the funeral though. After Ben’s grandma and then my grandpa passed away last fall I found those were hard experiences but healing at the same time. I’ll be thinking of you!

  5. What a lovely sounding Grandma and yes you will see her again one day. I really love the button Christmas Tree.

  6. Oh Abby dearest, this brought tears to my eyes. I never even thought that she had that many grandkids and great grandkids, because she and I always had such a connection, and she always made time for me. I miss her so much.

  7. I am sorry for your loss.

    I think it is lovely that you displayed the quilts she made. Quilts truely are a labor of love.

  8. just read about your grandma, mine was 97 when she left us 4 yrs ago and yes I miss her every day. I was the 2nd oldest grandchild of her many grandchildren…Affter she passed I was the only one that wanted any of her sewing things,boy did I clean up….She had started making a lot of potholders and I finished off about 60 of them to give to all the other granddaughters 2 each so that they would have a little bit of gram to remember her by.

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