Free Witch Hat Pattern + DIY Witch Costume

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

I keep wondering when I’ll be making a princess dress for Halloween, but I guess I’ll be waiting at least another year! Lola has been very certain that she wants to be a witch, so I took full advantage of the chance to make her a fun witch costume, and I’m also sharing a free toddler girl’s witch hat pattern with you today so you can make your own!

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat PatternDIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

First, let’s talk about the dress. I made a Polly Peasant Dress, with just a few changes.

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

I added a lace overlay to all of the dress pieces. When sewing, I just treated them as one piece with the cotton below, and I cut them a bit longer than the cotton. Because of this, I had to hem the cotton sleeves and bottom hem before sewing the side seams, but other than that I didn’t have to make any other adjustments for the lace – the cotton and lace sewed together really nicely, and I love how they look together! Both the cotton and lace were found at Jo-Ann.

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat PatternIf you’re in need to some fun and cute trick or treating bags, check out our free pattern!

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

I also love that the lace has a scalloped border, just like one of the options in the Polly Peasant Dress pattern – but I didn’t have to do any extra work!

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat PatternDIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

The sleeves also needed to be lengthened, so I used a well-fitting shirt of Lola’s to measure since she was in bed. And luckily they turned out just right!

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

On the sleeves and bodice, I used bias tape to create elastic casings and give the dress some extra shape. I wanted the sleeves to bell out a bit, and the elastic (I always buy my elastic in huge rolls – it so much more cost effective than small packages!) helped to do just that.

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

Lola has also been very specific that she wants to be a scary witch, not a nice witch. We are still working on the “acting scary instead of acting scared” part, hehe…

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat PatternDIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat PatternIt’s so nice to have a costume that is easily taken on and off! And Lola has plenty of room to layer underneath if the Seattle weather decides to do it’s usual thing on Halloween.

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat PatternDIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

And the witch hat! Why are they so cute on little girls?! It took some figuring and math to get the dimensions and pattern made, but once I did, the hat came together much quicker than I imagined, and fits Lola’s 20″ head circumference perfectly.

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

Let’s get to the hat tutorial and free pattern so you can make your own!

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

How To Make a Witch Hat – Free Pattern!

felt – the thicker and stiffer the better – I used 2/3yd of 72″ wide Premium felt from Jo-Ann, which will leave you with plenty extra in width for another hat or your next project :)
optional: ribbon, elastic, etc, if hat ties are desired
optional: thin wire or narrow flexible plastic tubing for hat brim (picture hanging wire or narrow plastic tubing (affiliate links) would work well)

Click HERE to download FREE WITCH HAT PATTERN PIECES. Print the pages at 100%, and ensure that the 2″ test square is measuring correctly. Assemble the 6 pattern pages by following the diagram below.

Witch Hat Pattern Piece Layout

Note: This pattern is sized to fit a 20″ head circumference, and will likely fit most 2-4 year olds. I recommend measuring your child’s head before beginning.

If you would like to make this pattern for a larger or smaller head circumference, here’s some tips to keep in mind…

The pattern has 1/4″ seam allowance. For the brim and crown to fit together properly, you will first need to take out the seam allowance along the inner brim curve and along all side of the hat crown. Then you can make your adjustments, keeping in mind that (without seam allowance) the inner half-circle of the brim should always equal half of the length of the crown bottom curve. Once you’ve adjusted the size of those curves accordingly, you can add the 1/4″ seam allowance back to the pieces and the stitch lines will fit together perfectly as you sew!

Let’s get sewing!

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern*All seams are 1/4″ unless otherwise noted.*

First, sew straight edges of hat crown together, matching raw edges, and forming a cone.

Free Witch Hat PatternUse chalk or pins to mark inner curve of brim and bottom curve of crown in quarters. RST, stitch brim to crown, matching quarter marks. The brim curve will need to stretch slightly to fit the crown curve.

Free Witch Hat PatternIf ties or elastic to secure hat is desired, stitch ends along crown/brim seam line on each side of hat.

Free Witch Hat PatternIf you like a floppy brim, you are done! If you’d like the brim to have more stability, you can turn the outer edge of the brim 1/2″ to the wrong side and stitch close to raw edge.

Free Witch Hat PatternIf you’d like the brim to be quite stiff or shaped, you can leave a 1-2″ opening, and insert thin wire or plastic tubing through the outer circumference of the brim. Secure the ends of the wire or tubing together (my wire was a bit sharp so I used Duck tape to pad the two ends and keep them together), and stitch the opening closed!

Free Witch Hat Pattern

And just like that, POOF! You are done!

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

You can add lace, ribbon, or some spooky embelishments to the hat to personalize it however you’d like! I cut a strip of lace from the dress fabric, tied it in a bow, and hand stitched it onto the hat.

How to Make a Witch Hat

Costume Details:
Dress: Polly Peasant Dress & Blouse Pattern (modified as described above)
Witch Hat: Free Pattern above
Leggings: Target

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

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  2. I laugh out loud every time I see the cover photo for this post. Sophie informed me that she wants to be a witch for Halloween, so your post will save the day. Now to go get your Polly Peasant dress pattern!

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  4. This is exactly what I needed for my 3 year old granddaughter!
    I couldn’t believe how easy and quick it was to make this hat.
    Thank-you very much!

  5. I just got this pattern and I noticed that 4th page to the pattern when printed is NOT the same as the picture shown for the diagram. Any chance I could get the updated pattern with number 4 being the same as the diagram? I am planning on making my daughter’s Halloween costume and I want to use your pattern but its not all there. :(

    1. Hi Julia, it sounds like you perhaps had a printing error which can sometimes happen depending on the printer, can you explain what printed on page four for you?

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