DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Gnomes

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Gnomes

I haven’t met a holiday gnome craft that I don’t like, and Halloween is no exception! With just a handful of supplies, I’m going to teach you how to make DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Gnomes that are fun to make, inexpensive, and perfect for any crafting skill level.

You’ll love adding these to your Halloween home decor and just might find yourself heading back for more supplies to add to your gnome collection!

How to Make Halloween Gnomes

I love to craft and sew for Halloween, from trick or treat bags (<– free pattern ;)) to DIY costumes. And let’s not forget one of my favorites, Ugly Halloween Sweaters! So this easy Halloween craft project was a fun new kind of project for me!

What Do You Need to Make Dollar Tree Halloween Gnomes?

This is the fun part! You can go to your local dollar store and find a wide variety of fun items that will all work perfectly for these DIY gnomes. Every gnome can be unique thanks to inexpensive Dollar Tree (affiliate link) supplies!

I do love a good sock gnome (hello Easter sock gnome!), but for this project no socks are required. We’ll just need a gnome body (like the velvet pumpkins and ghosts I found), a mini witch hat for the gnome hat that fits the body well, some faux fur scraps for the beard, and a pom pom for the nose.

You’ll also need your trusty glue gun, scissors, and the free downloadable beard template (instructions to access it are below!) that comes in 3 sizes so you can choose which fits your DIY Dollar Tree Gnome best!

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Gnomes

What Kind of Halloween Gnomes Can You Make?

Because there are so many options for the gnome body, the sky is the limit. I loved the velvet pumpkins, so that became a pumpkin witch gnome, and when I found the ghost figure, I couldn’t resist also making a ghost-witch gnome. Although, I do think it perhaps looks more like a wizard than a ghost, but hey, that also works for Halloween!

How to Make a Ghost Gnome

Basically, all of the Halloween Dollar Tree items that you can attach a witch hat to can be a fun base for these DIY gnomes. If you watch my tutorial video below, you can see a couple other examples included in my purchases – a iridescent pumpkin tumbler (just remove the lid and straw!) and a plastic pumpkin that both would work great.

How to Make a Pumpkin Gnome

How to Make Dollar Tree Halloween Gnomes

Dollar tree gnome base for the body – pumpkin, ghost figurine, etc
Dollar tree witch hat – choose size to fit on gnome base – I used these mini ones for the ghost gnome and a larger tinsel one for the pumpkin gnomes
Hot glue gun – I love my mini Cricut glue gun!
Faux fur scraps
Pom poms

Free beard pattern download: click HERE and complete the checkout process – no payment info will be asked for. Print the template at 100%, not set to scale.

The download link will be sent to your inbox immediately upon completion of checkout (check your junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox). Your download will also be saved in your account, which you can login to to access your template download. Note: this is different than just entering your email address into our newsletter signup form, you must complete the checkout process to receive the template.

How to Make a Halloween Gnome

Halloween Gnome Video Tutorial

Choose your favorite way to learn! The photo step by step tutorial below teaches you how to make a DIY Pumpkin Gnome, and the video tutorial below shares both the pumpkin gnome steps PLUS how to make a DIY Ghost Gnome! You can also watch the tutorial video on our YouTube channel HERE, shared along with lots of other fun crafting and sewing video tutorials.

How to Make a DIY Pumpkin Gnome

Head to your local dollar store and choose a craft or decor pumpkin and mini witch hat that fits nicely on top. If the pumpkin has a stem in the way of the hat, that can be cut off later.

How to Make a Halloween Gnome

Choose your desired beard template from the free download above and cut it out. It might be helpful to cut a couple sizes and hold them onto the pumpkin to decide which is best. If your faux fur has long fibers that will hang down, take that into account as choosing a smaller sized beard may be best. I decided to use the medium size rather than large for this reason.

How to Make a Halloween Gnome

Trace the template onto the wrong side of the faux fur and cut the beard out. It’s helpful to brush the fur away from the line, toward the center of the beard, before cutting the line on each side. That helps keep the fur hang nice and long.

How to Make a Halloween GnomeHow to Make a Halloween Gnome

Cut off any tags from your gnome base and hat, and if needed you can also cut off any stems or other accessories that you don’t want in your finished gnome. The stem on this pumpkin fits fine inside the hat so I left it on.

Try the hat on the base and decide where you want to position the beard. The hat should cover the top edge of the beard.

Once you have that placement, place a line of hot glue across the top of the beard and attach it to the pumpkin or whatever base you’re using.

How to Make a Pumpkin Gnome

Next, add hot glue to the bottom inside of the hat, where it will be touching the gnome base and attach the hat to the base, making sure you’ve covered the top of the beard.

How to Make a Pumpkin GnomeHow to Make a Pumpkin Gnome

Lastly, choose a pom pom for the nose and glue it in place on the center front at the top of the beard where it meets the hat.

How to Make a Pumpkin Gnome

Great job, you’ve completed your DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Gnomes! To watch the process in action and also learn how to make a DIY Ghost Gnome, scroll up for the video tutorial!

May all your Happy Halloween crafting projects come true!

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Gnomes


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