Hattie’s Easter Dress – Magrath Dress

Magrath Dress PatternI don’t always enjoy sewing for holidays (that sounds like the start of a meme), but I had so much fun sewing my girls’ Easter dresses this year! I fully intended to share them both today, but as I was editing photos, I realized I have waaay too many for one post so I’m sharing Hattie’s today and I’ll share Lola’s next week. I used the Magrath Dress Pattern for both dresses. I used it for their Christmas dresses as well, but I couldn’t resist making some Spring-y short sleeve versions!

Magrath Dress Pattern

I sewed View B for Hattie, which omits the piecing on the back of the dress.

Magrath Dress PatternMagrath Dress Pattern

The white and gold bow fabric is from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores, and it worked out so well with the turquiose and gold Micheal Miller Brambleberry Ridge fabric. I purchased them both the same week, but didn’t realize how well they went together until I had them sitting next to each other.

IMG_7124edit732Magrath Dress Pattern

I love how dainty the floral is on the Micheal Miller fabric.

Magrath Dress PatternMagrath Dress Pattern

Hattie measures in the 12-18m size range for her chest, so I sewed that with size 18-24 length to correspond to her height.

Magrath Dress Pattern

For the exposed zipper, I opted for a teal color to add a pop of color.

Magrath Dress Pattern

We had one of the first warm sunny evenings of the spring here in Seattle when we took these photos, and I almost forgot how great it is to take photos when there’s actually light to work with, haha! Hence the too many photos :).

Magrath Dress Pattern

This little dear is turning two at the end of the month, which is quite hard to believe but very fun at the same time. She’s starting to attempt more words, and her siblings have taken great advantage of this and love to have her mimic words which I would prefer she not learn just yet :).

Magrath Dress PatternMagrath Dress Pattern

I’ll be back next week with Lola’s dress and some photos of Lola and Hattie together, and in the meantime, you can get your copy of the Magrath Dress PDF Pattern HERE!

Magrath Dress Pattern

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  1. So adorable!! I love that Michael Miller print! I used it last year for some Easter dresses I made for some friends girls and some leftover scraps are used in a bunny bag I posted yesterday. It’ll be a sad day when it’s completely gone. Can’t wait to see the rest of your kids Easter outfits. My kids still fit in last years, so no need to sew them anything this year. Yay!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I loved seeing it in your bunny bag – it’s such a great and versatile print! And yay for kids still fitting last year’s outfits!!!

  2. Abby,
    I love seeing pictures of your kiddos…and the area you live in, near, is just gorgeous!!
    Hattie is taking after her sister and you take the most beautiful pictures of her. Her expressions and the shots you get
    of her are stunning!!

    Now, onto the dress! Oh my it’s so cute!! The fabric is so delicate and pretty!! At first I thought it was eyelet on top.
    I can’t wait to make another one of these for E….(4 more weeks till PT starts!!)

    Can’t wait to see Lola’s!!


  3. I love that floral! Okay, I love the bows too. =) The dress turned out darling… I need to look through my fabrics and make one of these soon!

  4. So pretty!! All of it… Hattie, the dress and the light! I look forward to warmer weather here so we can start taking pictures outside on a regular basis :)

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