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I’ve often wondered about the issue of copyright, blogs, and the internet.  Back in the day (28 is old enough to say that), the lines were pretty clear about what was okay and what was not okay.  Now that we have information coming at us almost every second of the day from a million different sources, I think the lines have gotten a bit blurry, and its hard to decipher what is and is not acceptable.  I find that I usually just have to err on the side of caution. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed the Blogher ads on my sidebars.  Did you know that there’s so much more to Blogher than the ads?  Blogher.com has a whole network of articles about everything from entertainment to food to technology.  I found myself on Blogher.com recently, and read this article, about a blogger who had her piece printed in a magazine without her permission, without giving her any credit.  You’ll want to read it, I promise!  Of course that then lead me to read this follow up article, followed by this article, in which case it was the writer who was being accused of copyright infringement.  Because those ladies shared their unfortunate experiences, I learned so much about blogs and copyright that I wouldn’t have otherwise known.  Isn’t it nice to have the information before you need it (and hopefully I never will need it)?!

One thing I love about Blogher is that it’s made up of smart women.  Even better, smart women who are willing to share their knowledge.  Check it out for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll agree.  Use the search box, and you’ll find lots of information on whatever topic you’re looking for.

Once you’ve had a look around, be sure to enter for your chance to win a Blogher Full Conference Pass!  The conference will be filled with learning and networking opportunities that any woman would love.  As if that isn’t great enough, next week they’ll be giving away an iPad, and the week after that you have another chance to win a Full Conference Pass.  Good luck!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I am new to blogging so I was unaware that people would be so blatant and ingnorant. :)

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