Flashback Friday… Toques!

Here’s today’s Flashback Friday…

I found this photo while looking through my sister’s photo album the other day.  As I mentioned earlier, Ada taught me how to crochet this week so I thought this would be a fun flashback.

Ada’s a pro at knitting (and apparently crocheting as well), and knitted toques (Canadian for beanie or hat) for all the women in my family.  Somehow my dad and brother snuck into the photo.  It was Christmas 2003, and she’s lucky she decided to knit for everyone that year since we now have five more nieces on my side of the family!  Can you guess which three girls were pregnant in this photo?  Give yourself a slug on the arm if you guessed me… Rude!  Little Paisley with the scarf in the front is now 16, and totally hates boys still… Right Pais?  …Right?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  If you have a holiday flashback you’d like to share, email me!

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  1. Okay I know this is a little weird. But Angie Conrad is in that picture and she is a really good family friend of ours. I love her! Also I know your parents, friends with my parents, and I also know another girl in that picture but I cannot remember her name. Weird I know, but true. Promise I’m not a stalker.

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