Heat Transfer Vinyl Song Lyric Quilt

heat transfer vinyl quilt Today I’m sharing this quilt I made for Hattie using heat transfer vinyl from Kimbo from A Girl And A Glue Gun asked me and some other bloggers to participate in Heat Transfer Week, and Expressions Vinyl generously sent us each a bunch of vinyl to play with. Also, at the end of this post, you can enter to win $100 gift card to Expressions, so be sure to enter!

heat transfer week sponsored by Expressions Vinyl

heat transfer vinyl quiltheat transfer vinyl quilt

If you know where these lyrics are from, I love you :). “You look like gold to me” comes from one of my favorite Ben Harper songs. Now let’s take a moment while I indulge myself with a few verses of the lyrics.

heat transfer vinyl quiltGold To Me – Ben Harper

You look like gold to me
and I’m not too blind to see
you look like gold
you make me wanna sing
with all the joy you bring
you look like gold

like the rays down from the sun
when a new day has just begun
you look like gold

I’ve been fooled before
but now I know
I’ve made the mistake in the past
but now I know the difference
from gold and brass

not the kind of gold you wear
but the kind that can feel my care
you look like gold

some shine when the day is new
but fade when the day is through
but you look like gold

heat transfer vinyl quilt
I clearly remember the first time I heard this song. I was in high school, and my friend Susannah made me listen to it in her car. That was the start of my Ben Harper fandom, and even now, I still can’t hear the song without thinking of my dear friend, which is an extra bonus to such a great song :).
 heat transfer vinyl quilt

So… Back to the quilt. I wanted to make one for Hattie since I haven’t really had a desire to until recently. Poor fourth child. But this one is nice and large, so hopefully she’ll be able to snuggle with it for years to come.

heat transfer vinyl quiltheat transfer vinyl quilt
I found the front and back fabrics at Jo-Ann in the quilting cotton section.heat transfer vinyl quiltheat transfer vinyl quilt

After I had the front and back cut (I used the width of fabric – 44″ x 50″ long), I ironed on the heat transfer vinyl image that I cut using my Silhouette. I used old gold glitter vinyl that you can find here, and you can download the Silhouette image for free here. If you’re making your own image, remember that the image always needs to be mirror image so that it will be correct when transferred onto your fabric.heat transfer vinyl quilt

The settings I used on my Silhouette Cameo were: blade at 5, thickness at 10, and speed at 5. It was helpful that the clear plastic around it is tacky, so you can place the design onto your fabric and then reposition it as needed until you have it just right.
heat transfer vinyl quilt

Expressions mentions on their site that once transferred, the vinyl can be washed inside out and hung to dry. I of course didn’t read that until writing this post, and machine washed (obviously it couldn’t be turned inside out) and dried the quilt after it was made. I had to re-iron a couple of spots after the dryer to reattach them, which luckily worked well even after washing and drying, but if you follow the instructions you won’t have to worry about that ;). Time will tell how well it holds up on this quilt that is sure to be washed often. I can’t promise that I can resist the dryer next time…
heat transfer vinyl quilt

I love all of the tied quilts from my childhood, and thought it would be a cute touch with the gold lettering. I love how it turned out, a little bit vintage and a little bit modern.
heat transfer vinyl quiltheat transfer vinyl quilt

For the binding, I did machine binding using this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew. I haven’t done machine binding before, but I’m totally hooked now! It was easy and I didn’t have to handstitch – a win-win.heat transfer vinyl quilt

Hattie is at such a fun age, and even in all of her teething glory (you can see her molars so ready to break through), is an angel most of the time. We just can’t get enough of her around here.heat transfer vinyl quilt

Okay, time for the giveaway! One winner will win $100 to Expressions Vinyl, which is sure to keep you busy for a loooong time ;).a Rafflecopter giveaway
heat transfer vinyl quilt

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  2. I’m debating on using vinyl on my nieces quilt. Any follow up washing updates? I just any to make sure it lasts!

    1. Hi Michell! It’s actually held up quite well. A couple of the polka dots came off, but I think that was due to my own faulty attachment ;). All of the letters have stayed on great, even with being put in the dryer (which you’re not supposed to do, hehe)!

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