Hit the road, Jack…

Guess what?

We’re moving…

To Seattle…

Next month!

Yikes. Joel is starting on a new project with the same company he works for now, so it’s going to be a busy month (especially considering we were given less than three weeks notice about the move :)). Should be fun though, I’m ready for a new adventure, and it’s nice to finally know what state I’ll be having my baby in. Our first two kids were born in Arizona and Florida, so it only makes sense that our third is born in Washington, right? Hmm…

The good news is that I’ve got about 10 baby projects completed that I surely would have procrastinated for as long as possible, so I’ll still have lots to share with you through all the mayhem that’s going to be my life for the next several weeks.

So, any of you from Seattle? Please tell me I’ll love it and that you’ve been waiting for a new best friend to move into town :).

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  1. Wow, you move as much as we do (only to much cooler places)! I would love to try living in Seattle. Good luck, sounds like a fun adventure!!

  2. Seattle is my FAVORITE place on earth. Seriously! I am jealous because I would give just about anything to be able to move back there. Yes, some days are grey and some days are rainy but if you get to see Mt. Rainier just for a moment once every week or so, it is so totally worth it. I read many blogs of quilters in the Seattle area so I know you will find a kindred spirit. Best of luck to your and your family!

  3. How fun! Well, not the packing but the going to a new place. The best thing about packing is that you can sort through everything and get rid of what you really don’t need. I hope it’s a smooth transition.

  4. Good luck with planning the move. I hope your husband’s company give you a lot of help if they give you such short notice!!

  5. Best wishes on the move to Seattle! With your state track record, it looks like the next baby should be born in Wisconsin. ;-) I’ll be waiting to hear.

  6. fun!!!! that’s so exciting. seattle will be so cool. I got to vacation there once, seems like a very cool place, lots of bloggers nearby!

  7. Wow, that is fast! I’m glad we got to see you when we did because I don’t think we’ll be making it to Washington any time soon. :) That will be nice for you to be so much closer to home. Good luck with these next few weeks of craziness!

  8. Oh my!! That sounds like quite the adventure with such sort notice. I wish you the best of luck getting everything done in time without loosing it!

  9. You will LOVE Seattle! :) I’m about 3 hours south in Vancouver, but Seattle is a lot of fun! It is so beautiful up here in the NW–even with all the rain! (Technically it’s thanks to all the rain that it IS so beautiful, right!?)

  10. Welcome to WA! You’ll love Seattle. Lots to do, Pike Street Market, Space Needle, Aquarium, EMP and SciFi museum , Woodland Park Zoo, Sports Arenas, Ocean, Mountains and lovely scenery. All that and quilters galore. Enjoy your new adventure! MaryJane

  11. I’m sad and excited all at the same time. I don’t know if we will ever live very close, but Seattle will be a great place for you guys and maybe we will have to come and visit sometime! Good luck with moving in such a short amount of time. Good thing you guys are pros at this moving thing! Love you all!

  12. We are from the Seattle area (but are in AZ now) you will love it! So green, and beautiful and I actually really enjoyed the rain:) good luck with the move. Glad you know where you are going before bday girl arrives;)

  13. I live in Seattle and totally love it. It is an awesome place to raise kids. I have two young boys and a baby girl due in 3 weeks. :) Good luck with your move and welcome to Washington! Shelly

  14. I’m from Olympia, very close to Seattle. Make sure you get a cute raincoat and use it. Umbrellas are for tourists :)

  15. Welcome to Washington! I live in Bremerton-right across the water(and a 50 minute ferry ride) from Seattle. Like Seattle, love living in small town Bremerton and visiting Seattle. We got our one snowfall for the Winter,the Springs here are beautiful and we are DUE for a nice Summer (I hope!).

  16. Yay! We moved to Washington 15 years ago and still LOVE it. Seattle is a nice city. Very friendly.
    We are a ferry ride away on the other side of the water from there.
    I think you may just love it here too.
    One piece of advice that has served us well all these years is: LAYERS. Always dress in layers. You just never know what the weather will bring (even though in winter it is most likely rain).
    Best of luck!

  17. Folk live in Bainbridge – like Bremerton a nice ferry ride. It’s like stepping back in time. Great for raising kids. We can grow anything here – drop an appleseed and you’ll have an apple tree in a couple of years. You’ll fit right in. We’re all about DIY and crafting

  18. I LOVE SEATTLE. I have lived in AZ for the last 5 years but I grew up in a sub-burbs of Seattle. The city is incredible. Great food, great people, tons of activities especially for kids. And you will fall in love with the smell of the ocean every day, even if you don’t live near the water. I hope you will teach your kids to swim because you are soon to be surrounded by water. Just talking about it to you, makes me miss it. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Email me if you are looking for some fun activities to do there.

  19. We just moved to Washington (thanks, US Navy) last summer, and LOVE it!! We’re about 1 1/2 hours from Seattle, but this whole area is so great! We want to stay here forever. Seriously.

  20. I live in Seattle and absolutely love it here! You’ll be coming at such a perfect time of year. The days are getting longer and it won’t be long before flowers start blooming. Best of luck on the move!

  21. Welcome to the neighborhood! Are you planning to live in the city or outside of the city? We live just north of Seattle and my hubby works downtown. I’m a teacher in the area too.

    You’re going to love it. Want to be BFF’s? ;)


    Stop by my blog! I have lots of outdoor pictures of my yard. It really will stop raining eventually.


  22. That is exciting, but I was hoping you’d come back here. Maybe next transfer? I know you’ll love wherever you are :) Good-luck!!

  23. Woo hoo Seattle! We have lived here for about 1.5 years and love it so far! We live in Snoqualmie…about 35 mins east of Seattle. Do you know where you will be living? Do you need information about hospitals? Obviously we are strangers but any questions you have I wouldn’t mind helping with! I moved here when I was 36 weeks pregnant and it can be overwhelming at times! [email protected]


  24. abby! congrats on the move! i just moved to seattle last summer and we love it so far…once you get over the weather, that is :)

    we’ve started a facebook group for seattle bloggers — we have monthly meet-ups and bring in speakers and have discussions etc. it’s super fun and we’d love to have you join — you’ll make a ton of new friends as soon as you move here! you can post on there with questions about anything (blogging-related or not) and everyone will be able to help. check it out :) http://www.facebook.com/groups/seattle.bloggers.unite/

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