How to Use a Walking Foot – A Video Tutorial

Today some sewing friends and I are sharing quick video tutorials about our favorite sewing tools. Head over to The Daily Seam to get the links for everyone’s video posts – there are some really cool tools that you may not know about already!

walking foot

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my walking foot (affiliate link), and in the video above, I share a bit about it and teach you how to install it. An obvious use for a walking foot is in quilting, but it also saves me SO much frustration when sewing knits, as well as when sewing two fabrics of different weights (it’s one of my favorite tips for sewing cotton and minky together). Because a walking foot has feed dogs on the bottom of the foot, it works together with the feed dogs on your machine to evenly guide both layers of fabric through the machine.

walking foot

I’ve used a Distinctive walking foot for a few years, and it’s been fantastic. I was initially worried about buying a generic foot for my Janome machine, but I haven’t had any trouble with it, and for less than $20, I can fully recommend it. The Distinctive walking foot fits most machines that have a top drop-in bobbin, but you can check the listing to make sure it will work on your machine.

walking foot

I also just learned a new use for it that I have to mention. I decided to try it to install an invisible zipper the other day, and it worked awesome! I’ve never loved my Janome zipper foot, and even bought an invisible zipper foot that hasn’t been my favorite either, so I’m super excited to have discovered this. Tomorrow I’ll be back to show you what I was working on when I learned this!

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  2. Thank you for this simple-to-follow video! I bought a walking foot a while back for my Viking Sapphire, but haven’t installed it yet. I get intimidated easily with gadgets like this. No more!

    The little lady pictured above is simply adorable and I love her dress! Is there a pattern available for it? I would like to make one for my niece who is about the same age.

    1. Hi Kathy! Great to hear that the video was helpful for you! I do have a pattern for that dress – just click on “shop” above, and then “pdf patterns” – it’s called the Pretty in Peplum Dress & Top :).

    2. Hi Kathy were you able to attach this walking foot to your Viking Sewing machine. I also have a Viking but not a Sapphire and other walking feet I have purchased do not work with this machine. I really want to get a walking foot for my Viking Machine, thank you.

  3. I actually got scared and purchased a Janome walking foot for my Janome machine. I am not on the fence about purchasing a Janome ruffler foot or a generic ruffler foot. Any thoughts?

  4. Hi Abby! I am pinning this tutorial since I have a walking foot for my machine that I have never used :) Thanks! Hope you and your family are doing well!

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