12 Unique Bags to Sew

Bag Sewing Patterns

There’s something about sewing a bag that is so satisfying, isn’t there? Perhaps it’s because they always fit, or perhaps it’s just fun to have a break if you normal sew clothing most often, but either way I’ve never lost the excitement of creating bag tutorials and bag sewing patterns to share with you! Read on for 11 unique bags to sew – most aren’t your typical bag (you’ll see what I mean as you start scrolling!), and you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag pattern to sew!

Pucker up for this cute lip purse pattern and download the free pattern here

Lip Bag Free Pattern

If you’re looking for a bag that truly has it all (outside pockets, inside zipper divider pocket, and so much more!), the Airdrie Bag Pattern is fantastic for an overnight bag, diaper bag, or just a great bag for those who have a lot to carry around!

Overnight Bag Sewing Pattern

Put your Cricut Maker to work cutting out all (yes, it truly will cut out every piece for this bag, including the interfacing and even the leather heart) the pieces for this round toddler backpack.

Round Toddler Backpack Pattern

If the idea of using your Cricut Maker is sounding pretty good, here’s another project idea for you! Start sewing this sweet heart shaped purse here.

Heart Purse Sewing Pattern

I mean, does it get any cuter than your little one wearing a bunny backpack? I think not! Get the FREE bunny toddler backpack pattern here. It will surely be a must-make on your list of bags to sew.

Free Toddler Backpack Pattern

For a tried and true diaper bag pattern, the Lola Bea Diaper Bag is my go-to. I’ve made it both with and without the front ruffle and it never disappoints!

Diaper Bag PDF Pattern

Have a unicorn-obsessed toddler in your life (my 7 year old who was 3 in the photo below recently informed me she still likes unicorns but not wearing them anymore and my heart broke a little bit..)? Sew a unicorn toddler backpack – this bag sewing pattern comes complete with a magical horn!

DIY Unicorn Toddler Backpack

Or maybe kitties are more your little one’s thing? This free cat backpack pattern will be purrfect!

Free Toddler Backpack Pattern

For a great basic (but not boring!) tote bag pattern to sew, look no further than Noodlehead’s Wool + Wax Tote PDF Pattern – see more pics of the one I made below here.

Tote Bag Pattern

This bunny bag free pattern will be one of your new favorite bags to sew for both Easter and all year long…

Free Bunny Bag Sewing Pattern

I couldn’t resist adding one more bag sewing pattern you can create with your Cricut Maker – find this unique backpack project to sew here.

Cricut Maker Backpack Pattern

Let’s round our list out with one of my all-time favorites – keep the love flowing with this heart shaped toddler backpack free pattern!

Free Toddler Backpack Pattern

There you have it, more fun bags to sew than you’ll know what to do with! Happy sewing!

Looking for more than just bag sewing patterns to sew? Check out our tutorials gallery for sew much more!

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