…Weston Pat! I know I haven’t made many new posts recently, but at least I can now say I have a good excuse. Although this is not a personal blog, I wanted to fill you in on our exciting news. I ended up having Weston on the 13th, 4 days before my due date. It was an interesting labor, and ended up in him being delivered on our bathroom floor :). I was wanting a natural birth, but that was not exactly what I had in mind! Be careful what you wish for! I was definately in denial about being in labor. Considering the crazy circumstances though, everything went very well and he is very healthy and I’m feeling good.

I will hopefully be back with a new post soon!

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  1. I’m new to your blog. Normally I would lurk for awhile longer before commenting… but that sweet little face needs a comment. Congratulations!! Sounds like you have quite the birth story. The bathroom floor? Really? :) Glad all is well. Your baby boy is adorable!! Blessings to you as you recover.

  2. i was wondering if he was here already considering the “blog silence” i am so glad everything went well! i would definitely like to hear that birth story…good heavens lady! get some rest, hope all is well!

  3. Count me in we are in definite need of the whole story. BTW he’s adorable! Something about babies with hair… They’re just that much cuter!

  4. oh my! Was Kirsten coaching you along?!! Congrats on the sweet little boy. Call me when you get a few minutes…in a few weeks…or months as the case may be =)
    p.s. we got a new number…i’ll email it to you.

  5. Holy Guacamole Abby! Sounds like quite the birthing experience! Congrats, he’s absolutely adorable :)

  6. SHUT UP! That is crazy and funny and a great story… now that it’s over right?! He’s sooo cute! LOVE the hair! It’s so curly!!! Mia is jealous! Congrats! Good luck with the next couple months… it gets easier:)

  7. Congratulations Abby! He’s sooo cute he has the curly Joel hair, sweet. Yes, details details. How long were you feeling the labour pains for? Bathroom floor, crazy! He’s so cute!

  8. He is so cute Abby! I’m glad that he’s a healthy little boy and that even though it was kind of a crazy birth everything went well.

  9. You definitely had a very natural birth. I am a wimp. There is not way I could go natural!! I love the name Weston too! Your boys are just adorable!! Congrats!!

  10. I had one unexpectedly at home on the bathroom floor too :) I just found this post, what an adorable baby!

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