Love For Ruby

love for ruby

(Image by Andrea Pannell)

A group of bloggers have gotten together today to support Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home, as her sweet baby Ruby will be having heart surgery today. If you know Christie, you love her and know what an amazing mother and person she is, and we are showing our support with the hashtag #loveforRuby on social media. We would love for you to join in and let Christie know how much we love her and that we are all praying for their family. Along with the hashtag, we’re sharing photos of hearts as we post on instagram, facebook (you can join the Love for Ruby Facebook group here), etc, and it just so happens that I made and sent this Skipper Top to little Ruby several weeks ago, so I thought today would be perfect timing to share it with you all.

IMG_4931edit I stole this photo of Ruby Jane that Christy posted here on her blog last week. Isn’t she a little angel?


This little project was my first time for a couple of things. After owning my combo serger/coverstitch machine for about 8 years, I finally converted it to the coverstitch and actually used it! The hassle of switching back and forth has deterred me for way too long, and although I need lots more practice with it, I know I’m going to love using it now that I’ve taken the plunge. I also may have bought myself a Christmas present that will save me the trouble of switching back and forth between settings, which I’ll tell you more about soon :).


And if you can believe it, this was also my first time freezer paper stenciling with fabric paint. I know, I’m a little late to the party… I wanted to make a special graphic or phrase that would be unique to Ruby and I remember Christie saying that they often call babies with heart problems “Heart Warriers”. The phrase “I’ve Got Heart” kept coming back to my mind, so I decided to run with it.


I used my Silhouette to cut the stencil out of the freezer paper, and working with fabric paint is another thing that I need a lot more practice with, but I do love the metallic gold with the grey fabric. There were a couple little spots that bled through the heart stencil a bit, so I enlarged the stencil a tad and re-painted the larger area, to cover up the imperfections. You can see the original heart outline, but I’m hoping it just looks like I did that on purpose :). IMG_4923edit Christie has been such a good friend and supporter of so many of us online, and has generously shared many free tutorials and ideas with all of us, and today is the day we get to show her our support and how much we love her! The sewing and blogging community is such a great, positive place, and the more that will join in to surround Christie with love, the better! Will you join in with the hashtag #loveforRuby today, and keep Ruby in your prayers? We know that Christie and her family will be overwhelmed by the support she receives, and that’s exactly what we want!

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