Jack and Cucumbers.

I know, sounds like a weird title, but it pretty much sums up this post.  First, let’s talk about cucumbers.  And cucumbers.  And how about cucumbers?  So we planted our first garden this year.  Actually, Joel planted it, I’ve only done the weeding (which I basically quit doing a few weeks ago… it was fun for the first while and then got less fun as time went on).  I’d say we were pretty ambitious for it being our first garden.  We planted everything from corn to jalapenos, and it’s kind of been hit and miss for what’s grown well.
It’s a good thing that we enjoyed eating our lettuce for awhile, because the cucumbers decided to take over the whole area.  I’ve never actually seen cucumbers in so many shapes and sizes before, but I guess you could say that they have been successful :).  We’ve been trying to give them away to anyone who steps foot in our house.
My favorite part is watching Wyatt pretend they’re different objects, which ranges from a phone to a baseball bat.  It’s pretty funny and I usually laugh until there’s a giant cucumber flying at my face.

Our peas were pretty much a bust, and so were our carrots.  I guess it’s been a good learning experience though, and we’ll know what to plant and what not to plant for next year.

Okay, on to Jack.  Like I mentioned on Friday, we went to the Jack Johnson concert.  I bought the tickets months ago and have been counting down the days.  He’s been one of my very favorite artists (cause you have favorites and very favorites too, right?)  before most people even knew who he was, so it’s safe to say that that I was excited.  And my birthday was on Thursday, the day before, so it worked out as a perfect birthday present to myself :).

The best part of the night was actually before the real concert even started.  The opening acts, G Love and ALO, were performing on a small stage behind the amphitheater, and we ended up wandering over to listen.  We were so glad we did when they welcomed Jack up to the stage with them!  Heehee, the tiny crowd around the stage got pretty big pretty fast.

We were only a few people back from the front, so it was great.

The “real” concert was so much fun too, which I’ll spare you of more details about.  All in all it was a perfect night. 

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  1. Wow. I love all the pictures. I think Jack is pretty wonderful too – I’m a little jealous. I think my favorite part of this post is the part about Wyatt and the cucumbers. I can almost see him now with a cucumber gun. Hmm, I don’t think you mentioned a gun in your post, but He is a boy and his dad IS Joel, so I’m sure he’s had a cucumber gun… Anyways, He is a character. Love that boy!

  2. that has to be the coolest part of a concert…when you get something unexpected. i went to concert in NYC several months ago and as we walked up to the theater the people we were there to see were out on the street giving a mini concert. it was beyond cool to be that close to them.

  3. Happy belated birthday! SOunds like you had a wonderful time. Our garden had a tom of cucumbers too! We can’t keep up with them! Our beans were a total bust. A lot of plant and not ONE BEAN!!! Maybe next year. Have a great week!

  4. I’m so jealous! I love Jack Johnson…but even more so I lvoe G Love! Most people don’t even know who he is (or at least where I live they don’t!). Sounds like you had a fantastic time! :)

  5. lucky you! a jack johnson concert!! i wish i went to concerts. i always want to until i see the price of a ticket and the thought of buying one or two sickens me.
    you should make pickles! im so jealous that you have a garden. i can’t wait to have a real backyard.

  6. So glad it’s not just me who has a million different shaped cucumbers – ours are going into everything at the moment to consume the glut we’ve got going on! Looks like you had a fab weekend, very jealous :D

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