Little Apron

I made this apron the other day for Marcie.  Her little boy will be getting it for Christmas (I’m pretty sure he won’t be reading my blog in the meantime so I don’t think I’m ruining any surprises), and luckily Wyatt is the same age so I used him to size it.  He was disappointed when I made him take the apron off after I took the pictures, so I think I just may be making another one for him for Christmas!

I was surprised at how few free tutorials there are online for toddler aprons.  Have you noticed that?  Anyway, I ended up making my own pattern and I think I’ll be making a tutorial very soon for one with a printable pattern.  What do you think, would you like one?  They are so fun and easy to whip up, and what little guy wouldn’t want one for Christmas?  I also made another apron for Marcie’s daughter which I’ll be showing you soon too.  I couldn’t bring myself to make Wyatt wear the ruffly apron for pictures (I still feel guilty for using him in this post), so it will have to wait for now. 

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  1. So cute!!! I would love a tutorial! My kids are getting a kitchen for their birthdays this week…why didn’t I think of making a manly and frilly apron???

    P.S. I didn’t know you used Wyatt for that skirt tutorial! Hilarious!

  2. super cute, abby. i have been meaning to make aprons for along time for my kids. you may have motivated me to actually do it now!i love your new header too.

  3. I really like that your little guy is such a wonderful model…I would have never guess HE was in the skirt and leggings. This pattern looks so adorable I almost want one for myself!

  4. I would LOVE it if you would make a tutorial with pattern. I have two boys that LOVE to help me in the kitchen.

  5. I would love a tutorial! I was thinking about making my 30 son an apron for when he helps me in the kitchen!

  6. What an adorable apron. I really love the fabric you used. I’d love a tutorial as I have a 3yr old granddaughter I have plans of teaching her to cook.

  7. So cute!!! I always like to wear an apron when I cook. Maybe I’ll make one of my own. :)

  8. Love the idea of making a kids apron! My neighbor has two little girls and I would love to surprise them with an apron. Their Mother said they love to work with her in the kitchen making cookies, especially cookies with sprinkles. But I would like to have a pattern to assist me in making them, so I don’t mess up the fabric. I don’t want to destroy the fabric with the wrong cuts!

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