Maternity skirt tutorial.

I’ve been wanting to make a maternity skirt tutorial for a couple of weeks due to my present circumstances (we’re having another boy in June if most of you don’t know yet), but then I found this tutorial from See Mommy Sew, and thought I’d give it a try. For the tutorial you use any basic A-line skirt pattern, I just drafted my own from a skirt I already had. I was excited to finally use my Swedish Tracing Paper for once, it was great! I’m happy that I used her tutorial, I might still make one of my own because I am a fan of full-panel maternity clothes, but this skirt turned out great and is super simple. Please don’t mind that the side seam needs to be pressed again, I promise I will do it before I wear it :).

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  1. so cute! good job. i’m really happy i am not in need of it right now though:) i can’t beleive you can handle the full panel in hot arizona. i over heat with a full panel here in canada!

  2. so cute, i do love that fabric;) i thought when i saw you at church you might be pregnant again! congrats! so fun:)

  3. How fun!! I needto learn how to sew clothes! And another boy!? Me too, and mines showing up just a little before yours! In April! Boys are the best!

  4. I have TOTALLY been needing this! I can hardly wait for nap time tomorrow!! And, congrats on another little boy! We need to plan to live by each other so our little guys can be buddies!

  5. Hey! I didn’t know that you are pregnant again! Congrats! You look great! So tiny! Thanks for the skirt tutorial…. if I’m motiviated I might actually try this! How are you guys doing? Are you planning on staying in arizona??? When is Joel done school? Hope you are feeling well!

  6. Very cute! I love the ric rac trim. Your little tum looks so cute! someday I will have to try this tutorial!

  7. Super cute skirt! You’re little belly is so cute! That’s fun that you’re having another boy. Wyatt will have a little play mate. How fun!

  8. I didn’t know you’re preggers! I’m surprised it didn’t come up during our 30 second chat at Christmas. :) Haha, congrats and cute skirt!

  9. Abbie!! I found you! First, congrats on little boy #2!! And, LOVE that skirt, what a cute blog! Please tell me what you guys have been up to!! Do you have a family blog also?

  10. I think you need to do a tutorial on those nursing covers with the boning in them. I desperately want one but everywhere I look they are so expensive! Please Abby make my dreams come true!

  11. Renee that is so funny, I actually just washed my fabric today to make a nursing cover and tutorial! I guess it’s meant to be! It should be done within the next several days :).

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