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sewing room

When I signed up for my friend Christina from Two Little Hooligan’s Sewing Spaces series several months ago, it was a great idea. I thought we’d likely be moved by the end of summer, and it would be good motivation to organize my new sewing room wherever we lived. Fast forward to last week – we haven’t moved, and my sewing room was a pretty big disaster. I had recently moved my hutch into the room, but it was still sitting empty which pushed everything else onto my table. Luckily the thought of public shame was enough motivation for me to do a little organizing. It’s also nice to enjoy a clean sewing room for a good five minutes before it erupts again :).

Come on in…

sewing room

This room also serves as my office on the other side of the room, which includes my computer, printer, filing cabinet, and an extra cutting table. On the sewing side, I have this large table that I painted white with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and lightly distressed the edges (which also happened within the last week). We found the solid oak table top 5 years ago on Craigslist, and added some Ikea legs. And now that the table is white, I can swap out the black legs for white! I looooove this table. It is super heavy and sturdy, so there is no shaking or movement when I’m sewing. And it’s large enough to fit my three sewing machines plus room for cutting, so I’m sure I’ll keep it for a very long time. Especially now that it’s finally painted and matches my hutch!

sewing room

Most of my fabric is stored underneath the table in bins (along with some pattern sheets for my printed patterns). I’d like to change it one day and organize it better, but probably not anytime soon. I have a bin of cottons, flannel, and felt, one for knits, and one for other apparel fabrics.

sewing room

I wrote all about the hutch that I painted here, and now it’s finally in its home and filled with goodies. I found some great drawer organizers from Ikea, and the top two drawers are filled with my notions. The bottom holds my small bins of ribbons, bias tape and zippers, as well as some larger items like my serger thread and iron.

sewing room sewing room

The top of the hutch holds my sewing books, my pickle jar full of buttons, and some other organizers, some of which I’ve yet to fill. I’m sure it won’t be long before they find a use though!

sewing room

sewing room

sewing room

The back of the room is one large closet across the length of the wall, and is where I keep my printed patterns, mailing supplies, and yet more fabric. We won’t talk about the fabric hiding in my bedroom closet…

sewing room

Now onto the important stuff, my machines!

sewing room

I have a Janome that Joel bought me when we were engaged that I’ve been using for almost 11 years now. I’d say that was the best gift I’ve ever received.

sewing room

I have two sergers – one is a Singer serger/coverstitch combo, and until last winter, was my only serger. I had only used the coverstitch once because switching the threads are a killer with this machine (it has worked great for 8 years, but is horrible to thread), so last year I bought the “sewing blogger special” Brother serger so that I could use my Singer exclusively as a coverstitch. I’m so glad I did, because I use the coverstitch all the time now and love it.

sewing roomsewing room

One reason why I’ve hesistated painting my table until now is because I’ve worried about the white paint chipping or getting marked up as I moved my machines around a lot. I was excited to find desk mats at Ikea for about $6 each, and I bought two which fit my machines perfectly. I can move them forward and back and don’t have to worry about my table. Now if something could just keep my kids’ crayons at bay…

sewing room

I  added this thread rack to my wall within the last year, and am soooo happy to have it after years of hating my thread storage container. I love being able to see it all at once and know what colors I’m getting short on. I store my bobbins on the rack too, and it has worked out great!

sewing room

I think that’s about it! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your room looks so great! Great minds think alike because I actually posted about my sewing room this morning too :)

  2. I wish my sewing room were half this organized! I need shelving or something.
    I actually bought that coverstitch/serger earlier this year, but the one I bought had some major pressure foot adjustment issues and stretched everything I sewed so much it was unfixable. I had to send it back, and it took 3 months to get my money back, so I haven’t bought a new one yet.
    Aren’t those thread racks awesome?! It’s SO NICE to be able to see what you have!

  3. oh abby, it is beautiful!! i am in love with that hutch! such a great idea to have two sergers. it drives me crazy every time i have to switch between the two. thank you so much for sharing as part of my series. i just love seeing where everyone creates.

  4. I love your space and what you’ve done with it. You have some items I really want, especially that thread holder on the wall! I’ve always wanted one so I can tell what I have and what I need. Now if I could just find a wall system for my clear containers of fabric. They are all stacked in a tight corner now and I have to drag them out just to see what I have. Ick! Drives me nuts. Love your hutch! And your large table top area. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a beautiful space! Mine is simply functional right now, I don’t have the motivation to make it aesthetically pleasing until I have a house of my own. How lazy is that?? I totally need a coverstitch machine. Someday. Too bad my husband always forgets to get me a gift for birthdays/holidays! ha ha…

  6. What a nice room! I noticed (and love) your ironing board and chair with their pretty prints on them.

    Was really interested in the ‘table mats’ you said you purchased at Ikea. They sound like a great idea. I looked on the Ikea website and cannot find them. They must be called something else – any hints?

    Hopefully you will be moving before the holiday season starts – it’s not all the fun moving, but a great time to purge.

    Good luck!

  7. Ooooh it looks so good! I love the white with the pops of color from your sewing accessories. And I love the way you have your thread organized on the wall. Everything looks awesome!

  8. Oh, and do you buy big rolls of fabric, or just by the meter? Wondering what to do for my own craft room, thinking by the meter would be easier to store. Thanks!


  9. Love this. The white is super refreshing and it must be so peaceful to sew in there. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. What a lovely space to work in. I love those pink and white pots from Ikea. I’ve been trying to come up with an excuse to buy some.

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