Flashback Friday.

I know I’ve really been slacking with the Flashback Fridays lately.  I’ve been a busy little bee getting things finished up for the printed Ruby Lou Doll Pattern and some other things have had to slide.  My pattern testers all did a fabulous job and (fingers crossed) I’m hoping to get it to the printer’s next week.  But you’ll hear more about that later!

Today’s Flashback-er would like to remain anonymous.  I’ll admit that the facial expression was enough to warrant anonymity.  10 points if you can guess who it is (Heather, I know you know).

Here’s some more about the photo to give you a clue to who the mysterious person is:

  • She made this “outfit” about 10 years ago while working at Fabricland during high school.  They wanted to “showcase” their new tie-dye fabrics and for some unknown reason she chose to make a full set of scrubs out of it.  I’m guessing it didn’t help sell a lot of yards (or meters, since she’s Canadian).
  • She decided to subdue the brightness of the outfit by pair it with some long black socks, and clearly has a great eye for fashion.

Well since this is getting pretty awkward I’ll just tell you it’s me.  Yikes!  And for the record, I only wore these as pajamas.  People already like to ignore their dental hygienists, and I’m sure these wouldn’t help establish credibility!  I know that I’ll be outed in the comments anyway, so I might as well fess up.  And I don’t want you to think I’m being rude about someone else’s facial expression.  Sometimes in photos if I’m laughing I look like Mr. Burns (I hate the Simpson’s, by the way), and this was one of those times.  Usually I don’t mind laughing at myself, but today I’d like to preserve just a little bit of dignity.  So there you go.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. We totally used to have a Fabric Land in my home town. I was just wondering the other day if it was the only one in the universe. Good to know there were more out there. Haha. Oh, and great PJ’s, by the way. I hope you still wear them. haha. :)

  2. Aha hahaha! Was that taken in the fiddlers basement suite perhaps?? I totally remember those “jammies”!!! You were so stylish!!

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