No reason.

I thought I’d post these pics since the stinking tutorial I’ve been working on is taking FOREVER! I came up with a brilliant idea for a Valentine’s wreath, which I thought was so original and fun, and of course since I’ve started it, I’ve seen about 5 different Valentine’s Day wreath tutorials on all the great craft blogs. So much for my great idea… But now that I’m partially done, I need to finish. At least my project is slightly different than the others, so at least that’s some consolation.

My SIL made the fabric ball above for Wyatt when he was a few months old and it’s still going strong. No bonks or bruises possible, it’s the perfect toy for my boys. I’m not sure which tutorial she used, but another SIL, Angie, used this tutorial for hers which is similar.

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  1. Your kiddos are too freakin’ adorable! You are a lucky mama!

    My heart wreath tutorial comes out tomorrow! ;)

  2. Give those sweet boys a kiss for me. They are so darling – and we miss them! I am so glad to see that they are still using that ball! (that is the same tutorial I used)

  3. I might actually be able to make a valentines wreath–can’t wait to see it.

    Those boys are so adorable (I know they’re boys and Joel probably will cringe if he reads it) but they ARE cute!

  4. Wow, Wyatt looks more and more like Joel each time I see a picture of him. Can’t believe he was that tiny baby we came to see! Fun to see them playing together. They are darling!

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