Ottoman: Before and After



We got this ottoman for free with some other furniture that we bought a few years ago when we first moved to Arizona.  We loved the style of it because it is so big and has storage inside.  As you can see, the top has some stains that didn’t come out when we had it cleaned.  At the time I made a slipcover for it, and unfortunately I chose the color burgundy for the fabric.  Yikes…  So it definitely needed a makeover.  I considered re-upholstering the entire ottoman, but I love being able to take a slipcover off and wash it so that made my decision.  I chose a corduroy fabric because I’ve always wanted a corduroy couch because they just seem so cozy.  A tutorial for you to make your own ottoman slipcover is in the works, and should be posted soon!

Update: To see the tutorial for an ottoman slipcover, go here.

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  1. awesome! You are motivating me to get back to work and back to actually finishing the millions of things hanging around my sewing room

    love the dresser. I think that would be scary too, to drop tools on it and ‘ruin’ it on purpose. It looks great.

    and, I’m glad you posted about Thai food because I was just talking to Erick last night about how I want to give Thai food another chance. We went to a restaurant a while ago and we both thought is was SO yucky. Since then, I’ve been afraid. But, now that I have a tried and true recipe, I’m going to give it another try!

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