Pattern Blocked Top: Sewing the Trends

I’m so excited to be part of Sew Country Chick’s Sewing the Trends series today! I was lucky enough to hang out with Justine at Fabric Weekend, and she was so much fun in person. She is truly a creative soul, and I admire that about her so much!
There are so many fun trends right now, from bright neon colors to leather, but I eventually decided to make a project that takes advantage of the pattern blocking trend.
Haven’t heard of pattern blocking? Think color blocking but mixing patterns instead of color. I used the Seafarer Top Pattern as my starting point, but any basic knit top pattern would work!
My inspiration came from the Macaron Dress from Collette Patterns – I love the faux sweetheart yoke. Isn’t it cute?! I’ve wanted to make the dress for what seems like forever, but between being pregnant and nursing babies, I haven’t found the right time. I thought it would be fun to incorporate a similar yoke into a comfy, loose fitting top, and am really happy with how it turned out.
To pattern block, I used some leftover shimmery polka dotted knit that I also used for Lola’s top, and mixed it with a teal and grey striped knit. The polka dots were a Jo-Ann clearance aisle find, and the stripes are from Girl Charlee.
First I’m going to give you a quick run down on how I made the top, and then I’ll show some different styling options. I often hear that other’s are intimidated by color blocking and pattern blocking, but it can be so easy and fun to wear!
To adjust the pattern for the new top yoke, I cut out the front and back bodice pattern pieces and first drew the sweetheart shape I wanted for the front yoke.

I then drew a straight line across the back piece, making sure that the line would match up with the front piece at the sleeve.

Next, I cut along my drafted lines and cut out the front and back pieces, adding 1/2″ for seam allowance along each edge where the pattern was split.

Once my pieces were cut, I stitched the top and bottom pieces together (it was helpful to use a lot of pins and a walking foot). After topstitching, I assembled the rest of the top as normal.

I liked both prints on their own, but I think I actually like them both a whole lot more when they’re together! Oh synergy…
And since we’re talking trends today, I also wanted to share a few ways to style the top.
First, how I’ll probably wear the top most often – a casual look with a military jacket. With flats and shorts, it’s simple to wear and easy to put together for everyday while not looking frumpy.
Another option is to take the pattern blocking up a notch and pair it with yet another pattern! I love the floral mixed with the polka dots and stripes.
You can also add a belt over the patterned cardigan to change the look up a bit.
If you don’t have the perfect patterned cardigan, try styling your top with a solid cardigan. I like how the scalloped trim on this orange cardi adds texture to the outfit.
Whichever way I wear this top, I love that it’s easy and comfortable to wear, but still unique and on trend. My favorite kind of clothing :). Thanks for reading!
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  1. I LOVE this Abby – love it. And yes I agree with Christina…I LOVE it with the floral cardigan.

  2. This looks amazing! I love the pattern mix with the floral cardigan. You look great! :) I’m going to have to try the faux sweatheart yoke, I’ve been scared of it ’till I saw yours, thanks for sharing. [email protected]

  3. That’s so cute!!! I’ve been trying to sew with knits…but I want to get comfortable before I cut into my good stuff:)

  4. I love your eye for color and pattern, Abby! This is a great idea for creating a new style from a knit top. I have always wanted to try the Macaron because I love that sweetheart neckline.Thanks so much for joining in on my series!

  5. Cute shirt. I just came across your great blog. I am going to follow and participate in your Wednesday linky…thanks so much! Laurel

  6. It is a lovely and unique design. Worth trying. I can make use of the block you have explained here.

  7. ‘Hopping over from Justine’s. I love the fabrics you chose! Cute, cute, cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Wow, this short is absolutely gorgeous.
    I really love the fabrics you’ve used!!
    I need to try this, too.
    Thanks for sharing! :)


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