Trapper Hat Pattern Remix


The ladies behind Pattern Anthology asked me to participate in the tour for their newest collection, Winter Wonderland, and I had fun doing a pattern remix of the Arctic Trapper Hat.


Compared to other patterns, I feel like there’s a lot less room for remix-ing in a hat pattern, but I also enjoyed that challenge.


The pattern is labelled as a hat for boys, and my first instinct was to switch it up and make a girly version for Lola instead.


I wanted to do something unique for the fabric used, and cut apart a 10 year old turquoise sweater that was a hand me down from one of my sisters. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it all these years, but cutting it apart felt so great! Unfortunately, I think it also helped to justify my need to keep it all those years… A lightweight cotton was recommended for the lining, but I decided to pull out some chenille that I’ve had in my stash for about 6 years (and apparently Jo-Ann doesn’t carry anymore?!).


I love the combo of the turquoise sweater knit and chenille together, and it’s so comfy for Lola to wear.


As I will do anything to avoid hand stitching, I topstitched around the entire bottom edge, and also topstitched the brim right onto the front of the hat.


I had picked up a whole bag of the metal buttons last May in LA for $1, and was so excited to get to use a couple on the front of the hat. The pattern doesn’t mention adding buttons, but I thought it would be the perfect finishing touch.


The chenille flaps remind me of little bunny ears, and I love how Lola’s little curls peek out over the bottom of the hat.


I made a size 18m/2T for Lola, and it’s plenty roomy to get her through the winter, and probably next winter too. I know it will get a lot of use when we visit Canada next month!


I blogged about the corduroy skinnies here. You can find the Trapper Hat pattern over at Pattern Anthology as part of a couple different pattern bundles, which include some really great patterns for both boys and girls! I was given this pattern in exchange for my participation in the tour, but all opinions in this post are my own :).


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    1. Thanks Heidi! I didn’t realize it until after it was made, but I do love bunnies, so it was a win win :)…

    1. Thanks Ajaire! It always feels so great to use something that you’ve had on hand for a long time, doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks Michelle! I’ve learned that she is the boss when we’re taking photos. I just have to run around her in circles and get what I can :).

  1. So cute! And the skinnies are amazing. Too bad you are going to the super-coldest part of Canada and not here or we could meet up :)

  2. I am really late to the part here but I am so glad you could be part of the tour, I LOVE this hat the color is perfect and it looks so so cute with her little face. I am getting a little sad that I never bought that fabric all the million times I saw it cause now it’s gone :(

  3. cutest baby ever!! Thanks again for joining us Abby, this is so great! i’ve been stalking your IG…did you find out what you’re having yet?? :)

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