Self-Binding Receiving Blanket

Doesn’t Michael Miller make the best flannel prints? I think they’re definitely my favorite flannels. I used a couple of my favorites to make this self-binding receiving blanket.

I love that you get to see both fabrics from the front – otherwise it sometimes feels like a waste to have such a cute print hidden on the back of a blanket, ya know?

I was actually planning on using the damask print for the back/border, but in my current state of mind (or lack there-of), cut the fabric out opposite. Now that it’s done,  I think I like it just as well though. Yay for happy mistakes :).
If you’ve never made a self-binding blanket before, they’re a lot easier than you might imagine – I’ll be sharing a tutorial soon so you can give it a try!
…And on another note, no baby yet – maybe I’ll have some news for you on Monday if I’m lucky :).

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  1. Can’t wait for the tutorial. I’m always scared of binding blankets.
    Hope baby arrives soon!

  2. Love the self binding look. I’ll keep everything crossed for the new arrival to get here soon, since you can’t afford to be crossing anything right now ;o)

  3. Love the self binding blanket! I have made 4 in the last week! Super easy and so cute. Love your color choice…might have to go order some. ;)

  4. Those have become my go-to gift (and I use two I made myself as well) – so fast, I made one in about half an hour the other morning when I had forgotten we were going to meet a new baby!

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