Shirring tutorial.

I have wanted to learn the ins and outs of shirring for a while, but have never actually needed it for a project. I found this great tutorial tonight from Pink Fig Patterns. Something about a shirred top or dress is just so fun. Actually, looking back over the years I think some of my favorite clothes have had shirring on them. Maybe it’s just me?

Also, I have been working hard on my Ruby Lou doll pattern and am getting closer and closer. I’d really like to have it out by the beginning of December so that it’s plenty early for Christmas. I was up in Canada last week and even had a photo shoot for the dolls! I was so lucky to have pictures taken by the great Kyla. She is seriously an amazing photographer. Pretty much the best around. She also took pics of my adorable nephew that day, which was so fun to watch. I made three new dolls for the pictures, which you will see later! For now, here’s a sneek peek at my favorite new addition to the pattern:

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  1. okay, so cute and suspensful! I can hardly wait to see them!
    p.s. sorry we got disconnected. We’ll have to catch up again since I still haven’t heard all of Westons’ grand entrance into the world!

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