Surprise Harvest

I hate to admit it, but as our summer got busier and busier, and the closer fall came this year, the less attention our garden received. I had pretty much given up, but when my mom was visiting this week she harvested a few things.
You can imagine the pleasant surprise when I cut open this cantaloupe!
It was perfectly sweet and ripe, and really tasted so delicious.
I had a bite or two, and Weston ate the entire rest of the cantaloupe — in just a few minutes. I guess tomorrow I need to go and pick another one, now that I know that there’s still hope!
What have you been harvesting from your garden lately? Enjoying anything fun from your local Farmer’s Market?

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  1. I love surprise harvests! Right now I am harvesting herbs and celery. So much celery. Luckily hubby likes our garden celery, even though he can’t stand the stuff from the grocery store. :)

  2. we are finally getting close to the end of our harvesting. a few weeks ago i picked up all the pumpkins, gourds and squash. now we are harvesting brussels sprouts, carrots and beets, grapes, apples. oh and the last of the cabbage. that melon looks beautiful!

  3. YAY for surprise harvests! I thought I lost my whole garden after our last “hurricane-like” storm, however this week we’ve been eating Romaine lettuce EVERY day from the garden!

  4. I love garden surprises. We thought we planted rosemary in one pot and found peppers growing later. It was a happy mistake!

  5. I picked some carrots last night, and we pleasantly surprised that some of them were good sized. Next year, I’ll be sure to plant them in a sandy soil to avoid teeny tiny carrots and much less hassle when digging them up.

  6. Those look delicious! We actually planted a garden this spring and didn’t have much luck with it. We had such a hot (over 100 degree days) and dry summer, gardens in this area didn’t do so well. And there didn’t seem to be any bees to help pollinate. But now our tomatoes are blooming since it has cooled off. So hopefully we will have a small harvest of tomatoes!

  7. Lots of zucchini…lots of zucchini bread!!!!

    Because of your post I wish I can taste it. Now I’m totally in the mood for some sweet delicious melon…thank a lot.

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