Thrifting Finds

While I was visiting in Canada the last couple of weeks, I made a few trips to the local thrift store with my mom and sisters (and snuck in one more while Lola was being fussy during the movie at the theatre next door :)).

After chatting on Instagram (I’m @sewmuchado) with a couple of WA friends, we all agreed that the thrifting is definitely lacking in our beautiful state. It’s pretty depressing for someone who loves to buy others’ junk.
My favorite purchase by far was this Brownie camera. I haven’t done much research to learn about it yet, but I do know that they were made between 1946 and 1952.

When I saw it sitting on the shelf, I instantly snatched it up. I was pretty excited about the $15 price tag too. Too cute to pass up. If I ever get a shelf hung in my sewing room, the Brownie will have a perfect home.
I also found a bunch of sewing notions. It was half price day, so they were all super great deals.

The packaging on the vintage bias tape had me at hello.

I was also excited to find some vintage tupperware. It’s so hard to find in WA, meaning I’ve never found ANY. I can’t wait to use the little one for my honey just like we did growing up (my mom’s honey is still kept in her little container). I’m sure it reminds many of you of your childhoods too!

I have a few other treasures that I’ll have to share soon once we’re settled back into Seattle. What are your favorite things to look for when thrifting?

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  1. Great finds! I look for Pyrex, fabric, notions, collectable thimbles, quilting books, teapots.
    The fun of thrift stores is you don’t really know you ‘need it’ until you find it – like your cute little camera.

  2. Awesome finds!! I found a huge box of old sewing notions at a garage sale a few years ago too, it’s still one of my favorite finds ever and I’m still using it up :)
    Heidi @

  3. Very cool. I love the camera! I went antiquing today and found an old fan and a really cool little teal pyrex dish. :)

  4. Fun finds Abby! My grandmother gave me one of those Brownie’s when I was a kid!

  5. Ha ha! I still have the green one and use it for my sugar. Bought that set when it was new! Too bad you’re not in Canada, we can’t give that old Tupperware away here It’s always at garage sales.

  6. My husband collects vintage cameras and we have a couple of Brownies in our library at home. My mother was a Tupperware lady in the 70’s! We had those and many more Tupperware pieces in our home! I actually keep my flour and sugar in big Tupperware containers similar to the green one with the flower design, mine are blue. I still have a bunch of the little freebee tools they gave out as prizes during a show! My absolute favorite that I will never part with is the orange peeler! :)

  7. great finds1 I always look at the fabric and notions section and the video game sections. one time I found super mario world for my snes for $2!!!! and I was going to ask if you were in my area of canada – but wa is not above me lol

  8. We had that same green pickle container growing up in the 80’s. My mom may still have it, actually. I’ve never seen one since I was a kid. Thanks for sharing, I hope you love yours!

  9. We had that same green pickle container when I was growing up! It matched our stove and dishwasher if I remember right. Fun finds you have there!

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