A little help?

I’m happy to say that with the coming of the New Year, I seemed to have regained some lost sewing mojo. I’ve spent my sewing time this week working on this…

And this…

And more importantly, as you requested, the free pattern to go along with it! The 0-3m pattern is pretty much complete, and I’m hoping to share it with all of you on Monday.

If you have a 0-3m old (approximately 8-12lbs) of your own, and want a quick weekend project (the dress takes about 1hr to sew), I’d love to have a few of you give the pattern a go before I post it, so I can make any final sizing adjustments if needed. I’m always a little anal about details like getting the elastic armholes sized just right, so it would be great to have some feedback from some of you who can actually try the dress on your infant. If you’re interested and could complete the dress by Sunday, just email me! Update: Thanks so much for the great response! I’ve sent out emails and info!

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  1. So sad, I blinked and my newborn is suddenly 9 months old (I guess that happens with baby #3). If you want a 9-12 months tester, I’d be happy to oblige :)

  2. I would love to make this dress. My granddaughter is almost 4 months, but I believe she could fit into it.
    Thank you

  3. I’m due mid/late Feb with a baby girl, hopefully she doesn’t come out by this Sunday, ha! The final version will be just in time for me I bet, thanks!

  4. I would LOVE to! I have made dresses similar to that for my baby girl lately from sweaters that I repurposed. I’d be willing–she just turned 1, but only weighs 16 lbs, so isn’t far off from what you mentioned. She usually wears 6-9 mos. in dresses. Can I try it?

  5. Adorable!!! :) I have to make these for my 6 week old baby girl! :) Where did you buy the fabric? I love both but the patterns on the first dress are amazing! You make such beautiful things!!!

  6. Kata – Thanks! The larger print dress is a design by Amy Butler. I bought it several years ago, and it was hard to find even then, but I love how large the print is!

  7. Aw mama!I am totally completely in love with your littel dresses! I have some envy going on as I am currently pregnant with my fourth boy!!! All under five and who knows if I’ll ever get that girl!!

    But I do so enjoy your blog, makes me smile everytime I come!

    I make Waldorf dolls, sewing and knitting in my spare time, but it’s funny I am so into doll and toy making and I have these boys whom are more than rough with them!!

    Anyways, happy to be here!

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

  8. are you still sending this pattern for email??
    my best friend is going to have twins.. and i would love to give here a. homemade present.

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