Toddler Bucket Hat Free Pattern

bucket hat free pattern
With this bucket hat free pattern, you can make a 4-In-1 Reversible Toddler Bucket Hat for non-commital types like me (I should clarify that I’m happily married, the non-commital part is just for everything else in my life) :). The pattern is sized 2T/3T, or approximate head circumference of 19″. I’m planning on making pattern pieces for larger and smaller head sizes in the near future, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I add them to the tutorial!


Okay, let’s get to work on our 4-In-1 Bucket Hat

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1/4 yd main fabric
1/4 yd co-ordinating fabric for reverse side of hat
optional: 1/2 yd fusible interfacing if your fabric is lightweight or you want extra stiffness in your hat (1/4 yd needed if interfacing only one side of hat)
Heat n Bond scraps
Pattern pieces – ensure that your printer is not set to scale the document larger or smaller before you print :).
Click here to download the free pattern pieces.
Note: All seam allowances are 1/2″.

1. Cut out fabrics and interfacing (optional) as marked on pattern pieces. When cutting interfacing, cut pieces 1/2″ smaller on all sides of pattern pieces.

2. If using interfacing, iron to wrong side of corresponding fabric pieces. For the hat pictured, I chose to interface only one side of the reversible hat (which means I only cut 2 of each piece out of interfacing instead of 4 as marked on the pattern pieces).
3. Prepare your appliques. Apply Heat n Bond to wrong side of fabric (I used a scrap piece of knit for the applique on the printed side of the hat so I could applique with a straight stitch and leave the edges raw) and trace your design (remember to trace it backward if your applique is not symetrical!). Cut out design and iron to right side of one hat band piece on main fabric. You can center the design or place it off center if you’d rather. Stitch around design close to edge.
4. Right sides together, pin and stitch band pieces of main fabric together at sides, matching raw edges. Press seams open.

5. Clip top of hat band every 3/4″. Make sure that your cuts are less than 1/2″ long.

6. Right sides together, pin top edge of band to main fabric crown piece, matching raw edges. To mark the crown piece into quarters before pinning, I like to “finger press” it by folding it in half and then in half again and giving it a good pinch. It saves time and my home-ec teacher in high school even taught me it so it’s totally legit :).

7. Stitch pinned band to crown, stretching the clipped edge to match the curved crown edge as you go. Press seam toward center of crown and turn hat right side out.
8. Pin and stitch brim pieces of main fabric together at sides, matching raw edges. Press seams open.
9. Clip top edge of brim every 1″. Make sure that your cuts are less than 1/2″ long.
10. Right sides together, pin and stitch top of brim to bottom of band, matching raw edges. Press seam open.
11. Assemble reverse side of hat by repeating steps 3-9 with co-ordinating fabric.
12. Right sides together, pin two sides of hat together at bottom rim, matching side seams and raw edges. Stitch pieces together at pinned edge, leaving a 4″ gap for turning the hat right side out.
13. Turn hat right side out, placing one side of hat inside the other. Press bottom edge of brim flat, pressing raw edge of opening under 1/2″. Topstitch near bottom pressed edge around entire brim and again 1/4″ from edge. If you like, you can continue topstitching parallel rows 1/4″ apart to the top of the brim.

14. Let your little one enjoy his or her new hat…

…Or should I say hats?!

bucket hat free pattern
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  1. I love this hat. I remember seeing it on Ucreate. I totally want to try it.

    I would also love it if you posted this on my Christmas in July linky party.

    Hope to see this great gift idea there.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  2. I love it! The fabric is great!!

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial. I love using bucket hats with my daughter and have been thinking of making some more. I can’t wait to try now.

  4. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [12 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  5. Too cute!!! Love the fabric too! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  6. YES!!!!! I forgot you had a tutorial for a hat! I have been racking my brain trying to hash one out. You posted this with me in mind I’m sure of it! LOL :) Thank you so much!!!

  7. I LOVE this!!! Too bad my boys keep hats on, or I would so try this!

  8. This hat is sooo cute, I love it!!

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  10. I’m totally going to make at least one of these, if not more! Thanks so much for posting it!

  11. What a great hat and wonderful tute. Thanks so much. I’ll be linking on Facebook.

  12. Cute I need to make one for my little guy!

  13. Totally cute! My grandson is very fair skinned, so he actually loves hats. I will be making this one.

    What types of fabrics do you recommend? I didn’t see any in the tutorial, but I imagine cotton canvas would be a starting place.

    Thanks! You are SEW creative!

  14. LOVE this hat! I will be whipping one or several up for sure for my boys, I just need to get some adorable fabric! :)

  15. Too cute! I’m definitely bookmarking this!

  16. I love that herringbone!

  17. What an adorable hat. My son caught one that was being thrown from a 4th of July parade float and he loves it. Too bad it is so poorly made that it is already falling apart. I told him I would make him a new one and then I saw your tutorial. Perfect timing!

  18. O my goodness, I adore this hat!! Thank you so much for the tutorial!!

  19. Wow, great hat. Thanks for the pattern. So my little one will soon get a new hat!

  20. I really like this hat! I recently tried to make a bucket hat and my measurements were waaay wrong. Thanks so much! I was wondering, rather than sewing the brim and band in two pieces, can’t you just cut them on a fold and eliminate that seam? I may try that…

  21. Great tutorial. so great in fact, that I’d like to invite you to join us.
    Do link your tutorial up at our DIY / Craft TUTORIAL collection and get your self a (weekly) link back from a PR3-4 site that is chocka with such great tutorial such as this.

    Come browse around and link up!

    Till soon & keep up the great work.

    btw this bucket reminds me of an (expensive) leather bucket i had bought in Seattle at COACH. i loved that hat, but lost it. Now, here in sunny Italy, I don’t need it any longer… although a light cotton version would be suitable.

  22. great looking hat… came here via Everything Etsy…

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  25. Cute!

  26. This is SO cute! You did a great job, and thanks for the tutorial!

  27. so cute! my little man loves hats so i might have to give his one a try!

  28. I absolutely LOVE this! Amazing tutorial.

    Thanks for linking with What are little boys made of/

  29. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  30. Why oh why did I not see this like two weeks ago.
    I just made my little girl a bucket hat and made it much harder than it needed to be. Dang it.

    Awesome tutorial, and beautiful finish work.

    May have to link to this on my tutorial!

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  35. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [23 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  36. LOVE THIS! I am going to feature it on Friday, 9/10. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  37. Hi, i was so happy to have found your tutorial and even tried making it today but its not as great as yours … i gave your site as my reference and will try to make another one to do justice to your tutorial … thanks again…

  38. Just wondering if you have a larger pattern size somewhere? I’m going to give 4T a try.

  39. Hi, just an update: I enlarged the pattern 3/8″ to the sides of the pattern pieces, and around the crown piece. It fits my nearly-4-year-old great! Here’s the link:

  40. I love the hat tutorial! I am going to give it a try and I will post the finished product on my website. I will give you credit (of course) Thanks for the pattern. You did a great job.

  41. So cute! I featured your idea on my blog!

  42. Thanks for the tutorial. I made a dinosaur bucket hat for my nephew and it turned out great! I linked your tutorial to my site, so others can come try it too! :)

  43. Love the hat pattern, and have been desperate to make one for my one year old. This is the first free pattern that I have found, but I was wondering if you could give me tips on making it smaller? I’d need it to fit a one year old. Thanks!

  44. Thanks for the great tutorial. I’ve just made a hat for my sun. He’s 1 year old. I just decreased 1/4 inch from the edge of the pattern. You can look at the hat here

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  46. Your hat pattern worked out great for me! Just posted my first attempt and linked back to you.

  47. Hello,

    thank you for this nice tutorial! It looks great!
    I`ll try it in the next weeks :)

    greetings from germany


  48. I LOVE THIS!! I was just thinking my 1 year old needed a bucket hat! Thanks. I will have to post this as a feature sometime on my blog my healthy DIY creative crafty blog. THANKS FOR SHARING!!! Kristy

  49. YAY!!!! I’m so happy I found this – I need to make my daughter a hat (or 10) – can’t wait to try it out!

  50. Thanks for this great tutorial with clear instructions! I made a hat yesterday for my daughter and it turned out awesome.

  51. Thanks for the tutorial! I made one last night and love it! Especially like your tip about just finger pressing the crown in halves line up the side seams Here’s how it turned out:

  52. Anonymous says

    How can you make this same hat for adults? Add a few inches on each piece???


  53. This is adorable…have been looking in the stores and cant find one I love for my little guy. Off to make one right now! today was the first time I visted you site. will be back…love it

  54. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tutorial, made one with Navy Working Uniform fabric and now all of my friends want them too! I was wondering what would be the best way to make it in bigger sizes? I’m no good at converting patterns- not sure where to increase fabric and by how much. Thanks!

  55. Thank you so much for the tutorial and pattern… it turned out so well!

  56. Thank you so much for posting this, it’s adorable! The pattern size is perfect for my 19 month old daughter; can’t wait to make her one. Here is a free pattern for a woman’s bucket hat from Simplicity:

  57. thanks for the pattern! and for the tip about the simplicity pattern!

  58. This pattern is great! I love how my hat turned out. I even plan on making a second one. I posted my hat here and linked your tutorial.


  59. Hi,
    I would like to try your lovely bucket hat tutorial for my two little boys. I only have one question: Does the pattern already include the seam allowance or should I add it when cutting out the pieces?

  60. Absolutely great!!! I just sewed this hat for my little boy today. Really nice!! Thanks a lot!
    Greetings, Nina

  61. Thanks for the pattern! I have an 18 month boy and would like to use this pattern. How much smaller do you think I should make it?

  62. A very good friend of the family has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I have not done a lot of sewing, but I would love to make her one of your bucket hats. I have no idea how to enlarge a pattern. I think it would need to be about 25″ in circumference(?).

    I am going to sew the toddler size hat this weekend as a test run. Thanks so much for sharing.

  63. hi there
    thanks for sharing this tutorial, i am making one using the same measurements as the pattern for my toddler. hope everything works out well. will put a link to your post on my site, once i finish it and also taken the pictures for it.

    do drop by and visit my blog

  64. I was wondering how do I attach a string or something so I can tie or Velcro the hat so it stays on the kid? I’m kinda new at this stuff.

  65. sunshine vaughn says

    Where did you get your patterned fabric. …I would like to make this hat exactly.

    • sewmuchado says

      Hi Sunshine, I purchased it from Jo-Ann years ago in the home décor section. They may or not still have in it, but you could check!

  66. Hi Abby,

    Thanks for this great tutorial and pattern. I created my own version with a longer back (a sun shade) and linked back to this page and you as inspiration!

  67. Great tutorial!! Have you made the layouts for bigger head sizes?

  68. Shelley Isenhart says

    Thank you so much for this pattern. I’ve made so many of these since last year. My grandkids love them and have even made some for adults! A very easy pattern to follow. Thanks again!
    Shelley Isenhart

  69. Does this pattern include the cutting allowance as is or should I allow for that as I cut it? I’ll make it as is til I hear back… Thanks in advance

  70. Eileen Chartier says

    I am unable to download the pattern pieces for the Kids Bucket Hat. The order has been processed but when I click on the link “download pattern pieces here” nothing happens….I get redirected to the order page….me or website issues?

    • Hmm, if the link is giving you trouble, I’d try downloading it from your account rather than the email sent (you can login under the “shop” tab of our site).

  71. Mª del Carmen Calero Molina says

    Hello Abby. We love this pattern and we have thought that it would be perfect for our little nephew. He is now 4 months old. Could you please give any idea of how could we modify the pattern for him? Thank you so much. All the best. Carmen.

    • sewmuchado says

      Hi Carmen! If you have basic pattern grading knowledge you could size the pattern down that way. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the pieces you’ll be sewing together the same lengths along the seam lines, not the outside pattern edges, if that makes sense!


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