Weston’s First Birthday Cake.

Can a post from a month ago count for Flashback Friday?  I hope so…  I’ve been putting off posting this, but thought I’d sneak it in today!

My little Weston turned one in June.

I had no ideas for a miraculous themed cake, so I thought I’d just make it “Weston” themed and go with a big W.  You know how I like monograms.  Then next year when I don’t want to make a cake for Wyatt, I can just photoshop his face into the picture and hope he doesn’t ask about it in a few years.  Just kidding, I really do enjoy making birthday cakes.  It’s another lesson for me in finding the perfection in imperfection.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never make a perfect cake, but that’s okay… Right?  …Right?

Besides, Weston was happy, and if he’s happy, I’m happy!  Wyatt’s favorite part was the “balls” on the bottom.  He kept asking for more and sneaking them when no one was looking.

I even let the little guy have a taste of his cake (followed by an awkward moment in front of Joel’s family when he tried to give him huge handfuls of cake and I tried to stop him).

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  1. That is the sweetest cake. I tried fondant a month or so ago and it totally didn’t work. Do you have any great secrets or recipes? I can’t believe how smooth it looks. On a hard scale from 1-10, where would you rate that cake?

  2. That looks great! you did an awesome job!

    I am working on a tutorial about how to cover a cake with fondant. When I get to 100 followers the tutorial will go up with a great giveaway to an online cake decorating store!


  3. Such a cute cake! I’m with Wyatt..I love the little fondant balls at the bottom. I love the colors of fondant too.


  4. My baby just had her 1st b-day, too! However, my cupcakes imploded and my friend ended up making us a pretty cake! It was really funny when I pulled out her pretty cake then showed everyone my ugly cupcakes. I’m so impressed with your cake decorating skills!

  5. Great cake, Abby! It looks so perfectly sculpted. I was picturing the awkward moment. Made me chuckle.

  6. Super cute cake! I just did a cake for my son’s first birthday too, but I haven’t graduated to fondant yet :)

  7. Ha ha! Abby it looks pretty perfect to me. Wyatt makes me laugh. He is such a character. And Weston is a doll. i love those eyes and his dark hair. Can’t wait to see you guys!! only five more months…

  8. Again, where are the imperfections? Before I got to the last picture I was wondering whether you let Weston have any. I remember that big decision with Wyatt…and then he didn’t like cake so you were happy to give it to him. Ah, so funny. Happy belated birthday to little Weston!

  9. Beautiful job! I have been much too scared to try fondant, maybe someday I’ll give it a go.

  10. i think i just found the cutest sewing blog in utah!!!! i am excited to look through all of your posts!!!

  11. I have a baby Weston too and he turns one next week. I wish you could mail me that cake because I couldn’t make anything close to it. Matter of fact, our Westons kind of look alike…

  12. I love the cake!! I featured your bucket hat over at Sassy Sites! Come by and check it out and grab a button! ;)

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