Which dress to make?

I’m planning on making a dress this weekend, and here are a couple of my options:

One of my FAVORITE dresses I’ve seen online is the Coffee Date Dress by The Selfish Seamstress.  Elaine May is so wonderful to share the free pattern with all of us.  I love the ruffle detail, but I want a dress with sleeves, and I think for my body type I would look better with a slightly more fitted skirt area rather than the A-line that the pattern has.  So I guess I’d probably find a better dress pattern for my shape and add the ruffle to it from the Coffee Date Dress pattern.

There are about a million coffee date dresses you can see online that people have made.  You can go here to see a lot of them.  Here are a couple that I especially like:

I think this green color is great, and I love it with the belt.  Image from here
I think it’s cute in grey too.  Image from here.
I also love this dress from Anthropologie:

I think the asymmetrical ruffles are so pretty, don’t you?  I think I like the shape of this dress better for me, it’s more similar to what I want to make.  Do you think a wide belt would be too much with these ruffles?  I’m kinda set on a wide belt, but maybe not if it’d be getting a little crazy up in there :).

Okay all you smart blogging friends of mine, which dress (or maybe I should say, which ruffles), would you make?  You know I’ll listen to you, right?

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  1. Dress #1 for the win! I’m always more comfortable in sleeveless dresses. But the anthropologie dress is amazing and gorgeous as well. Please..lend me your sewing skills for but one day!

  2. I forgot about the Coffee Date Dress! I think I need to add that to the top of my to-do list!
    As much as I love the Coffee Date Dress…the ruffles on the Anthropologie dress are different–so I vote for that one!

  3. I’m sure you’re much better at fitting than I am, but I had a lot of trouble with the fit of the Coffee Date Dress, partly because the seam allowance isn’t included. Even if it had fit properly, though, the A-line felt a bit frumpy to me. It looks gorgeous in the pictures though, so maybe it’s just my lack of skill!

    I LOVE that Anthropologie dress. The straight skirt and the diagonal ruffle are so sophisticated.

  4. I think you should do the dress the same shape as Anthropology with the simpler fabric and ruffles from the Coffee Date dress. A wider belt would be so cute!

  5. I want to make the Coffe Date dress myself. I love the ruffles on the Anthro dress too. Tough choice!

  6. They’re all great, but I love the assymetrical ruffles, the sleeves, and the shape of the Anthropologie dress.

  7. #1 – in the blue with the waistband is so cute and versatile. You can wear a blazer with it in the winter. #1!!!

  8. I’ve been eyeing the Coffee Date Dress for awhile. For a free pattern, it is beautiful! From what I can tell by reading comments on completed CDD projects, the bodice can turn out a bit short, and the lack of seam allowance can be tricky.

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