A Greenpoint Cardigan – Sewing for Kindergarten

greenpoint cardigan

Now that I have two little girls, my boys don’t make it onto the blog nearly as often. Partly because I love sewing girly things so much, and partly because my boys are at ages where they wear clothes out quickly, and it’s just not always worth the time to make everyday clothes for them. [Read more...]

Perfect Pattern Parcel #4

I wanted to pop in today to let you know that I’m participating in this round of the Perfect Pattern Parcel!

Pattern Parcel #4

This round is all boy patterns, and includes our Schoolboy Vest Pattern, plus the works of some of my favorite designers! [Read more...]

My Sewing Space

sewing room

When I signed up for my friend Christina from Two Little Hooligan’s Sewing Spaces series several months ago, it was a great idea. I thought we’d likely be moved by the end of summer, and it would be good motivation to organize my new sewing room wherever we lived. Fast forward to last week [Read more...]

DIY Baby Wrap

DIY Baby Wrap

I made this DIY Moby style baby wrap shortly before Hattie was born, but wanted to wait until she arrived to post about it so you could see it in action. [Read more...]

DIY Wood Crate Bookshelf

wood crate bookshelfSo, I kind of have a thing with bookshelves. Not really a love-hate thing, more of a hate-hate thing. [Read more...]