All About the Cricut Joy Xtra!

Cricut Joy Xtra Review

When Cricut announced their newest machine, the Cricut Joy Xtra, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it so I could share my thoughts with you! So today I’m answering all of your questions about the Cricut Joy Xtra, sponsored by Cricut, and you can learn just what makes this new little machine so great!

What is the Cricut Joy Xtra?

The Joy Xtra is Cricut’s newest cutting machine. Think of it like the Joy’s big sister. If you haven’t ventured into the world of cutting machine’s yet, this machine is my new first recommendation to my friends – read on for all the reasons why!

Cricut Joy Xtra Review

What Can the Cricut Joy Xtra Do?

As the original Cricut Joy’s big sister, the Joy Xtra, has some added advantages. One is the ability to Print Then Cut and use letter/A4 material size.

Cricut Joy Xtra Print then Cut

It can also draw, foil, and write. These features allow you to create your own full-colored stickers, t-shirts, labels, cards, and so many more fun projects!

Cricut Joy Xtra Stickers

Who is the Cricut Joy Xtra good for?

I recommend the Joy Xtra for any craft hobbyist who isn’t quite ready to jump into a larger machine like the Maker or Explore Air, whether it’s due to cost, space, or experience level. It’s a perfect cutting machine for someone with little or no design or crafting experience, as Cricut makes it easy to thanks to Cricut Design Space and Cricut Access, on-demand education, and the ability to use the software on either your mobile device or computer via Bluetooth connection.

It’s also great for someone who doesn’t have a dedicated craft room and wants the advantage of a portable machine that you can take to any room to use.

Cricut Joy Xtra Review

What Comes with the Cricut Joy Xtra?

The Joy Xtra can be purchased as just the machine, or as a bundle.

Cricut Joy Xtra Unboxing

Inside the box of the machine only you’ll find:

  • Cricut Joy Xtra Machine
  • Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing
  • Cricut Joy Fine Point Pen
  • Cricut Mini Weeder
  • Welcome card
  • Power adapter
  • Free trial subscription to Cricut Access (for new subscribers)
  • 50 free, pre-designed projects in the companion app
  • Materials for a practice cut

Cricut Joy Xtra Unboxing Cricut Joy Xtra Unboxing Cricut Joy Xtra Unboxing Cricut Joy Xtra Review

The bundle includes all of the above PLUS:

How Big is the Cricut Joy Xtra?

As I mentioned, the Joy Xtra is easy to take from one room or surface to another (or to your office or school!), as it’s about the size of a loaf of bread, 12.48″x4.46″x5.87″.

It weighs just 6.03lbs, making it convenient to tuck away into your closet, under a bed, or displayed on a shelf (my personal fav ;)) when you’re not using it.

Cricut Joy Xtra Projects

How Does the Cricut Joy Xtra Compare to the Other Cricut Machines?

We’ve already discussed a few differences between the Joy and Joy Xtra. I’ve loved using my Joy for all kinds of small projects from graduation gifts to back to school projects.

The Joy Xtra is a little larger, can cut larger materials, and a big differentiating feature is that it also has a Print then Cut sensor that the Joy lacks, which is a huge plus for many new and experienced crafters. The ability to use your own at home inkjet printers in conjunction with the machine is a game changer!

Cricut Joy Xtra vs Joy

If you’ve are familiar with our Cricut tutorials, you know that I have a lot of love for the Cricut Maker and Explore Air 2. The Joy Xtra is smaller than these machines, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your needs. The larger sizes allows Maker and Explore Air II to cut up to 11.5″, compared to the Joy Xtra’s width of 8.5″.

The Maker can also cut a wider range of materials, such as fabric (the Joy Xtra can cut fabric only if it’s bonded onto another material such as Heat n Bond), leather, and wood, as it has more blades than just the fine point blade which is the case for the Joy Xtra.

Cricut Joy Xtra vs Joy and Maker

The Joy Xtra is more portable and if your primary goal is to cut materials such as vinyl, stickers, Iron-on, paper and cardstock on a hobby basis, you’ll love the combination of smaller size, portability, and variety of functions (not to mention lower cost!).

What Materials Can you Use with the Cricut Joy Xtra?

One of my favorite features about the Joy, and now the Joy Xtra, is the ability to use Smart Materials. With Smart Materials, no mat is needed, which makes cutting your projects even more of a breeze. I love using Smart Materials even more than I thought I would – it almost feels like cheating but in the best way ;).

Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Iron-on

Do you have to use Smart Materials with the Joy Xtra though? Definitely not! You can still use a mat and cut everything from Iron-on to printable materials (including the new printable Iron-on and improved printable sticker paper!) to cardstock and more. The mats come in LightGrip, StandardGrip, and also a card mat that works with all of the current Cricut card sizes.

The Joy Xtra can cut more than 50 materials! Just a few of my favorites:

Cricut Joy Xtra StickersCricut Joy Xtra Printable Iron-on

Cricut Joy Xtra Materials

Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Iron-on

What Mats Does the Joy Xtra Use?

As I mentioned earlier, i you’re using Smart Materials with the Joy Xtra, no mat is needed! You can also still use your favorite non-smart materials, which requires cutting them on the 8.5×12″ LightGrip or StandardGrip mats that are specifically made for the Joy Xtra.

Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Iron-onCricut Joy Xtra Mat

For creating cards, you can also use the Joy Xtra card mat, also sized specifically for the Joy Xtra.

Cricut Joy Xtra Card MatCricut Joy Xtra Card Making

What Size Projects Can You Make with the Cricut Joy Xtra?

As I mentioned earlier, the Joy Xtra can cut projects up to 8.5×11″ (letter/A4 size) on a mat. If you’re using Smart Materials, the length can be cut up to 4′ – so handy and time-saving if you’re making a banner or a lot of repeated cuts.

Cricut Joy Xtra Printable Iron-on

What Blade and Tools Does the Cricut Joy Xtra Use?

Like the Joy, the Joy Xtra has only one clamp, and comes with a fine-point blade and housing that has 350gf cut pressure, giving it the ability to cut thicker materials without needing to switch a blade.

Any tool that works with the Joy will also work with the Joy Xtra. That means you can use the Joy Transfer Tool and any Joy pens and markers in the Joy Xtra.

When using those tools, you’ll switch out the blade with the tool as they share the same clamp.

Cricut Joy Xtra Pens

How Much Does the Cricut Joy Xtra cost?

At the time of this post, the Joy Xtra machine retails for $199USD, giving you a really fun cutting machine with a lot of flexibility for the price. The bundle is currently priced at $273.00.

There you have it! I hope this Cricut Joy Xtra review answered all of your questions! It is a fantastic addition to the Cricut lineup of machines, and is perfect for any craft hobbyist who wants to have flexibility in the materials they use and the projects they create.

Leave a comment below with any other questions you have!

Cricut Joy Xtra Review

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