Your Peasant Dresses

Today I’m excited to share a few peasant dresses made by YOU! I was so lucky to have help from some great testers before I posted the official pattern, and I think you’ll agree that they did a great job!
Amy is due with a baby herself right away, but made a dress for her best friend’s little girl (and blogged about it here).
Am I really going to have one of these soon? I hope mine’s as sweet!
I love the pleated hem that Sheri added to her dress…
I’m pretty sure this baby could make anything look cute!
Marty sewed this cute red dress:

And doesn’t every baby need a little animal print in her wardrobe? Here’s Lilly in the dress her mom, Dina made for her.
I’m looking forward to seeing more of your dresses! If you’ve used the pattern (available for free here), be sure to share some pics in the Sew Much Ado Flickr Group!


  1. This is so cute!! A friend of mine is due soon and I plan on making her one or two of these.

  2. Do you know when you’ll offer the pattern in larger sizes for purchase?

  3. Natalie – I’m hoping to get it done in the next few months, before my own little girl is due! Otherwise it wouldn’t be for a bit after that – I’ll do my best!

  4. Adorable! Great work!

  5. awww, so little! <3 I need to make one, just for funsies. I am not even near close enough to know what I'm having yet, lol.

  6. What cute babies!! (and dresses:)

  7. Cute cute babies!

  8. Adorable dresses…and adorable models!

  9. These pictures are absolutely precious!

  10. These are SO cute – I’m thinking of minimizing your pattern just a bit to make it for my daughter’s bitty baby – if it works, I’ll show ya!

  11. Oh my gosh! These are darling!

  12. Where would I enlarge on this patter to make for 6 months

  13. Have you made the larger size patterns yet? :)

  14. Jaime – it should be available in the next 2-3 weeks! I’ll be sure to let you know on my blog when it’s done!

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