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Update: The Mommy & Mia Apron Pattern is available HERE!

…That’s been keeping me busy.
Other than him :).  Don’t you love Bliss fabric by Bonnie and Camille?  I’m a bit obsessed with it right now.  In fact, I’m planning on using it for my next, hmm, well, every project for the next while :).
I can’t stand how much I love the red, pink, and turquoise together.  My SILs were nice enough to put up with me at Material Girls (I don’t think they knew what they were in for, sorry girls!), and I just kept coming back to Bliss for my samples for the pattern I’m working on.  I love Material Girls, and Shelby was nice enough to help me coordinate all the fabrics much better than I would have done on my own.

Yep, it’s an apron!  A mother and daughter apron pattern, to be exact.  It’s feminine, flirty, and will make you want to cook all day long.

And, the good news is that I may even make my deadline, if I can get my hands off of Bliss long enough to finish my pattern.  Hopefully it’ll be available by the end of the month.  Okay, I’m committed :).

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  1. It looks pretty! Love the polka dots and the ruffles. I, too, am enjoying some red, pink and turquoise fabric lately (although from a different designer.) It’s such a cheery combination!

  2. That fabric is perfect for aprons, or about anything else I could possibly think of. Must order some now.

  3. That IS the cutest fabric! There’s no shame in being upsessed in that. :) the ruffles are looking mightly lovely…

  4. This looks SO cute!! I am excited to see it finished. Maybe one of these days I’ll join the sewing club. I love to just oooh and ahh over all your fun projects for now though.

    We missed you and your boys when we got together last week.

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