It’s funny how a small change can make a big difference.  This is the ironing board cover that I’ve been using for the past 7 years.

I know, it’s bad.  It was Joel’s ironing board and cover from before we were married (I won’t even begin to guess how long before).  It’s one of those things that I’ve always wanted to change, but when it comes down to it, if I’m choosing between a yard of cute fabric or a new ironing board cover, you can guess what I’d choose.

I even told Joel I wanted one for Christmas this year.  Of course he didn’t get me one (I’m sure he’d be offended at the thought of getting rid of his), but his mom unknowingly saved the day and did!

I couldn’t wait to get my new pink paisley cover on, and let me tell you, it’s so much more fun (and by more fun, I mean less un-fun) to iron now.

What kinds of little changes make you happier?

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  1. I don’t iron. I so much don’t iron that I’ve worn wrinkled shirts to job interviews. So I have a teeny table top ironing board and the cheapest iron they sell at Tar-jay. But now that I’ve taken up sewing, I DESPERATELY want a “real” ironing board. And that pretty paisley cover is making me envious!

  2. already on my list of to do’s! my old ironing board has no cover on it. and when i say “old ironing board” that is exactly what it is. my ironing board is one of those old wooden ones that fold flat against the wall. it is fabulous, i just love it!but i have to admit, i have never used, due to the lack of cover. alright that’s it once the kiddo’s are sleping im going to make one! thanks for the reminder:)

  3. I’m loving that paisley material!!! A clean and tidy room make me smile! It’s no fun to get there… To the clean part anyway… but once its all clean, it makes my day!

  4. I need a new ironing board cover, too. I just need to get around to making it…. As for little changes that make me happier – rearranging furniture. It makes the room seem brand new!

  5. So cute! I have a confession. I don’t iron. Like, I don’t iron at all. I have a mini iron for my sewing projects…other than that…there is no ironing board or act of ironing going on what so ever in our house;) Good for you!

  6. You thought his cover was bad… !! Seriously, that new cover does make a phenomenal difference. happy ironing :)

  7. I as well asked for an ironing board for Christmas but my parents refused and said it was not a present lol. However yesterday I went to target and got one for 15.00 yay for new boards lol.

  8. Nom, it’s always the little things like that which make the difference. Little handmade touches around the house in general just cheer me up, like facecloths, pot-stands, artwork.

  9. I have been thinking about this very thing! I try to iron as little as possible, but when I do its a sorry site. And last week I got a super new sewing machine for my birthday (yay!) and I’ve been ironing a LOT as I’ve been re-learning to sew. I might even make a new one for myself… :-) ~Lori

  10. holy snot! I have the *exact* same ironing board/cover. Got it my freshman year of college, so mine is, uh, like, 14 years old. And mine is in the exact condition as yours was. Dang it! Now I really feel like I need to recover it. Yours looks fanastic. And I’m SO sick of the cover coming up as I’m ironing. I’m constantly having to pull it back down and over the edge of the board. Blergh. Now to find the time to recover it.

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