Accuquilt GO! Baby Cutter Project: Appliqued Onesie

I was SO excited when I received my Accuquilt GO! Baby Cutter a few weeks ago. Being a lefty in a righty’s world of sewing scissors, I’ve always hated cutting out my projects. I’m sure there are left handed sewing scissors out there, but I’m too lazy to look for them. When I was younger I’d really play up the whole lefty incapability part and my mom would always do the cutting for me :). Thanks, Mom! And sorry…
Enter a small, non-electric machine that will do cutting for me? Um, ya, sounds great.
One thing I love about the GO! Baby Cutter is that you don’t have to be a quilter to appreciate it (although any quilter surely would). I was at Walmart the other day and found single white onesies for sale for only $2. I love to have onesie’s on hand to add to a gift, and knew the GO! Birds die I have would be just perfect to give it a little something extra.
Here’s how I spruced up my onesie in literally 5 minutes:
First I ironed Heat n Bond Lite to the back of my fabric pieces (which were cut to the approximate dimensions of the bird body and wing).
Next I placed the die on one side of the cutter…
Added the fabric…
And topped it off with the cutting mat.

With a quick roll through the machine,
My birdie pieces were ready!

I peeled off the paper side of the Heat n Bond and ironed the bird onto the onesie.

Lastly, I appliqued around the wing and body, about 1/8″ from the raw edges so they will fray overtime.

Done! Now I have a cute onesie ready to add to a gift.

I’m off to make more!

You can sign up for 22 free patterns from Accuquilt here. No matter your taste or style, you’ll find patterns right up your alley!

What would you use a GO! Baby Cutter for? Check back soon for a chance to win one for yourself!

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  1. Cute idea. I never think to have these sorts of things to hand, but maybe next time I see a babygro I’ll remember…

  2. I’ve always wanted to make one of these. You make it look so easy. Was it hard to sew around the bird, because onesies are small and hard to turn under a sewing machine? Do you have any tips for that? Thanks for sharing this, it is adorable!

  3. Amy C – The bird was super easy to sew around, it helps to remove part of the bottom of your machine if it lets you (usually you’d take it off for sleeves, etc). I just opened up the bottom of the onesie and made sure I wasn’t catching any extra fabric underneath while I sewed! You can do it!

  4. It’s adorable! I have been on the fence about a Go Baby. I have being seeing a lot of blog entries about it lately and I want one!

  5. I could really use the accu go Baby for all my cutting projects, I have one arm, so it would really help with my carpal tunnel, I’ve had 2 operations all ready. Thanks for demonstrating it..


  6. amazing, making things much more simple, but if you want it to be more useful you need a wide variety range?

  7. I want an Accuquilt Go! Love the birds.
    This would really help me with the arthritis in my fingers. I keep trying to justify the money to buy one. Winning one would be ever better.

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