Amy Butler’s Fashion Fabrics

Have you seen any of Amy Butler’s new fashion fabrics? I was lucky enough to preview them at Market last spring, and I can say that they are all gorgeous!

Amy has combined her beautiful Soul Blossoms line with rayon, corduroy, and voile, to create fabrics that anyone would love to wear.

The rayon has a beautiful drape on anything from dresses and skirts to tops.

When I first felt the corduroy, I was surprised at how it’s softness matched its great looks! It really is perfect for a child’s playroom or even playwear. I think I may have decided on Amy’s corduroy for Wyatt’s bed quilt :).

Ooh, and don’t get me started on the voile

It doesn’t get much better than these fabrics, am I right? Now I just need to get my hands on some for myself and start sewing!

(All photos in this post courtesy of Amy Butler.)

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