Another Before and After.

Bad hair day?  Unfortunately poor little Weston has been having one every day lately.  His hair has gotten out of control.  No matter how I try to comb it, it ends up in a big poof on top of his head.  After much pleading from my family, I decided I’d give him a haircut today.  Something just seems wrong about cutting a 2.5 month old baby’s hair, but it needed to be done.  Since before and after seems to be my new theme lately on Sew Much Ado, I thought I’d post some pics to give you all a nice chuckle for the day.

After… he really does look happier, doesn’t he?

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  1. ha ha! I never know what to do with baby hair. It is always changing and doing crazy things. He sure is a cutie – either way! He has a smile that melts my heart.

  2. you are so lucky he keeps his hair! Gibson has rubbed all of his off and is starting to resemble donald trump! I think he’s about due for a haircut too! Weston is so stinkin cute it kills me!

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