Pouch baby sling.

I made this reversible pouch baby sling yesterday. Actually, I made two identical slings, one for my sister that’s due with a boy on June 1st and one for me, due June 17th. In case you’re wondering, the contrasting fabric strip near the top was definitely on purpose, not because I sewed the first sling too small and then unpicked the entire project, including every seam and all the topstitching, all within one of Wyatt’s naps. Let’s just say it was my lucky day that he napped for 3 hours! I guess maybe I don’t need to be so honest about all my mistakes, somehow all of my projects seem to have a disclaimer along with them. In the end I think I like how the slings turned out better than if things had gone “to plan,” anyway so I’m happy.

I used this tutorial, which I also used for the first pouch sling I made after Wyatt was born.

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  1. I love the sling. I really like the material and I would have never noticed that you made a “mistake” it looks really cute like that. Our babies are coming really soon. Yeah!!!

  2. Binny needs a blog… Anyway enough about that! I LOVE your projects they make mefeel like I might actually try somethng new. I haven’t yet but I have them bookmarked for that special day I need to make something other that a quilt. Are these just for infants? Or for older babies that you carry around on your hip?

  3. I LOVE this sling! The contrasting fabric strip is my favorite part, so here’s to making more “mistakes” (and being so honest about them!)

  4. I like the fabric combination, even if it was the result of a mistake! I just finished a similar sling for my newborn, and it’s a life saver!

  5. way cute! and I’m sure waaaay cheaper than the one I bought with Emerson… I need to get on my sweing projects

  6. Cute cute sling. Makes me want to make some more even tho’ my youngest is already two and I’m DONE with that phase.

    And I couldn’t agree more with “mistakes” that turn out wonderful. That, along with “My scrap is this big so that’s how big I’ll make the _____”, defines most of my sewing projects! : )

  7. i love it! congrats on the soon to be new addition. i am sure he will look adorable in the new sling.

  8. it looks great, despite all your problems with it. gotta hate takeing out top stiching and the inside…i’ve had to do that a few times.

  9. Love the sling. Sometimes I have to say I actually like making “mistakes” thing just happen to turn out better after them. You’re getting really close to that new little one!

  10. yay for mistakes that work out wonderfully, i love that fabric and it looks awesome! great job! for anyone who wants to buy a sling you can at jwsew.blogspot.com, of the same variety and there it is explained that these can be used for older kids as well, my daughter loved hers and actually slept in it until she was 13 months old:) yay for slings!

  11. Maybe a dumb question, but this one doesn’t use any rings or anything right? I have read the original pouch baby sling directions and still can’t tell…Love the fabric combination!! I think it looks gorgeous!! I am expecting June 14th!! Yay!!

  12. Nope, this pouch sling doesn’t use any rings, some people like rings so it can be adjusted, but some people like the pouch because then you don’t have to worry about being able to adjust it (I am one of those people :)).

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