Fabric Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time!

ModeS4u is an online Kawaii shop that sells tons of beautiful fabrics, including a lot of Echino we all love, but that can be hard to find. They came to my rescue at just the right time when I was working on my dining room chairs. I had a great experience with them, and was surprised at how quickly my fabric arrived.

They are generously giving one of you this fun bundle of 10 fat quarters, including Echino and Kokka prints.

modes4u giveaway 1

Want to win? Enter via the Rafflecopter below! Giveaway closes November 25, 2013 at 11:59pm Pacific Time and is open to everyone over 18 years of age around the world. Winner will be notified via email and must respond within 48 hours to claim prize. No purchase required to enter.

modes4u giveaway 3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. What a gorgeous range of fabrics! My favourite would have to be the “cute girls baker fabric with sweets kawaii”
    I’ve had border prints ob my brain lately.

  2. I love the enchino line – the laminate natural insects in blue would be sooooo cool for a bag or a rain slicker…. I could do some serious damage in that shop!

  3. All the aminal fabrics are so incredibly cute, it’s impossible to choose just one :) I like Michael Miller fabric with dog & wind, peach animal fabric with fox by Michael Miller and off-white birch monkey animal organic fabric Monkey Swing and gray Michael Miller animal fabric with forest animals… Too much cuteness in one place! Thank you for a chance to win some of it :)

  4. This is a darling set of fabrics. I am trying to branch out from my usual and this would give me a great start! Thank you for your delightful website.

  5. Favorite echino fabric from Modes 4U: must be turquoise insect echino canvas fabric insect! Love butterfly prints!

  6. I LOVE that they have a specific link to “Owl Fabric” on the sidebar :) I think my fave is Ecru Structured Owl Fabric by Cosmo. The simple lines are amazing… might have to buy some and send it to my parents to pick up at Christmas!

  7. Love those solid Robert Kaufman fabric bundles. They are so pretty not sure I could break them open!

  8. You can never have too much fabric! There isn’t any fabric I don’t like, but I really would love the black polka dot knit fabric. I may need to buy some.

  9. I love the little erasers. That is totally something I had when I was a little girl. It would be fun to get some for my kids. I also love stars by Micheal Miller. So pretty!

  10. Wow! What an amazing selection of fabrics… So many that I am unfamiliar with too!!! Seriously I can’t pick a favorite!!

  11. ooooh! I’m a sucker for most fabrics! but the -Fat Quarter fabric bundle gold flower Jewel Robert Kaufman – caught my eye! I’d love to feature them in a table quilt on my blog

  12. How can I choose just one?? I love them all, but I particularly love the Asian, especially the Alexander Henry and the Michael Miller. I love birds and flowers, colors, and nature. There are just so many things to make

  13. How can I choose just one?? I love them all, but I particularly love the Asian, especially the Alexander Henry and the Michael Miller. I love birds and flowers, colors, and nature.

  14. Hi Everyone!

    I just recently found this website while looking up
    how to make cool homemade swiffer duster refills
    and I saw the awesome fabric giveaway contest!

    Just a quick question about entering the contest, To make sure I did it correctly.

    It says “Log In To Enter the Giveaway”

    I “Logged In” by using my email address and name.
    is that it? Am I now entered in the contest?
    Do we have to do all of those things that are on the list
    under where it says “enter to win?” :/

    I don’t use blogs, or social media websites…and I never used pin interest, not really even sure what it is exactly

    I’m Sorry if my post sounds a bit foolish, I am just not all too familiar with this kind of stuff :)
    Thanks again!!!


  15. Such a wide variety of fabrics… Now my fave is the Robert Kaufman knit fabric zig-zag pattern pink-blue, but there are so much lovely fabrics

  16. WoW! What a fun site! Great Christmas fabrics, loving the Ghastlies Christmas. I have the green and red versions and didn’t see the pruple before, hmm I think I might need the purple as well, hehe.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  17. Heavens this fabric is delicious! I know I should have looked at fabric on their website but the donut squishy (who even knew what one of those was??) caught my eye as well at the bento box accessories. Love those cookie cutter things!

  18. I’ve visited their website…oh my…they have tooooo many cute fabric to choose. Those fabric for boys, animal fabric, children fabric, owl fabric….love them all…

  19. WOW !! Absolutely fabulous fabric. This is just what I need to finish up my Christmas gift list. I am making potato bags for the microwave and coasters for friends and family. It would be amazing to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

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  21. Anything Echino and they have an amazing range. I’ve used quite a few already but can always use more :D

  22. Oh my wow! Those fat squares are adorable! My mind is going crazy just thinking of ideas for those wonderful patterns!

  23. I love the ‘Plush’ fabrics. 3 friends are expecting babies… and I would love to use these… I wish they were available in india!!

  24. I love the Alexander Henry floral fabrics in all of the colors. THey’re not like anything in my stash and I’d love the opportunity to make something with them.

  25. The owl one is great! But other fabrics are also awesome!!
    The fabrics are colorful and the design are nice too!!!
    If i could win all the fabrics, i would be very satisfied already!!!!

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  27. The fabric, as always! :D
    Recently I’ve had my eye on the fabric with the deer wearing black rimmed glasses. Think it would be great for a reuseable lunch bag.

  28. I honestly want one! I am new to sewing and run out of old clothes of mine as my fabric *lol*. I can imagine myself sewing these fabrics as small pouches for christmas gifts!

  29. Ooohhh… love!! I have some Japanese prints in my stash i’ve been hoarding! lol!! Would love to add to them! lol!! :)

  30. I love the 2nd one down with the hot pink border and the purple birds… but I also love the cupcakes! So many possibilities for cute things :)

  31. tous trop beaux ces tissus,grande Fan d’ Echino, j adore le tissus avec les oiseaux et celui avec les chats,et….tous!!!!

  32. I really like these fabrics. So cute! Sweet red riding hood, the owls, the cats, the flowers, I don´t know which one is the cutest!

  33. I soo love every piece of your products, it’s just so cute and beautiful..:) yet i love your hot pink flower heart fabric Simply Sweet Quilting Treasures, perfect for my sweet little baby girl..:)

  34. Hello !
    Thanks for the giveaway ! I looove the owls one. I could turn it into a nice pouch i think :)
    Have a nice day everyone !

  35. Those fabrics are so gorgeous! I kinda felt in love with them ;_;
    I also think that you doing this giveaway is really nice! <3

  36. My favourite print is definitely the pale blue dwarf fabric by Robert Kaufman Gnome Living, it is super cute and can be put with anything!

  37. Ugh I love everything Modes4U sells, I’ve never let myself order from there though because I’d go broke! I think my favourite items are all the My Melody stuff she sells. And I reaally want to try one of those Popin’ Cookin’ style sets too!

  38. I have many favorites from Modes4U but, one of my most favorites is funny toast bread plush pencil case from Japan! <3

  39. The pink fabric with colorful monkeys by Robert Kaufman is definitely a cute one. As you can see I like monkeys >w<

  40. £10.35

    Shipping Costs: +£2.79 * (What’s this?)

    Buy items worth 60€ / US$78 / £54 or more and get FREE shipping!

    Sold in multiples of 0.5 meter
    1 unit = 0.5m, 2 units = 1m, 3 units = 1.5m …
    The fabric will be shipped in one piece.

    love all the fabrics

  41. Modes4U has such a wonderful array of products that is hard to choose a favourite, but I certainly love the clay kits and Rement :)

  42. This grouping of fabric is fabulous! The kitty fabric reminds me of these little glass cats we could win on the midway at the state fair when I was a teenager. You could rack those things up nearly as fast as the live goldfish. Anyway, I would line mine up on my dresser and they would look out over my bedroom kinda the way those kitties are gazing off into whatever from that fabric.
    Then you get a gorgeous POP! Of flowers from he bottom left. Beautiful, beautiful old fashioned looking flowers that are lightly scented, but can be smelled two rooms over. They belong in a now vintage crystal vase sitting on the back of the Baby Grand. This way the lady of the house can see them as she comes downstairs, dressed for the evening meal, to have cocktails.
    Stop the presses! Stop the Presses! There is now a PG Rated fabric of Red Ridinghood!!! The PG Rated version has been rated so because the Wolf is on the same bolt of fabric and his nashing teeth get to within an inch of her life! Not sure why they didn’t give it an R!! It’s a travesty! Who will look out for Red now that the Wolf is on the same bolt with her?? Stop the Presses! Stop the Presses!

    Well that went off on a tangent reeaal fast. Sorry, it’s 4:43 am and I have had insomnia for days. I recall do love the fabric and the part about the cats and the midway is true, but after that I thought I was rewriting “The Great Gatsby”. I think that was the house I was imagining the flowers in anyway. Good golly, the FQs are awesome and I’m going to try to sleep now thank you for the opportunity to try to win and for sponsoring the giveaway.


  43. I like the white fabric with matryoshkas in green and purple by Robert Kaufman. When I found out I was having a baby girl, I’ve gone a little matryoshka crazy.

  44. While I love these fabrics I find that they aren’t what I usually buy. Maybe because I usually shop Joann’s but I see that I need to expand my shopping horizons…I need to get out of my old style fabric box!

  45. So much cute fabric!!! I love the “red Skelanimals animal skeleton fabric star heart”. Yes. I’m a dork. :P

  46. Such a fun giveaway Abby!! I am loving the Robert Kaufman fox fabric, and I’m a sucker for all the Echinos of course. They have some safari prints I haven’t seen before that I really like.

  47. My favorite is the blue jungle animal fabric by Robert Kaufman Jungle Creatures. Thanks for the giveaway! DamianMom at yahoo dot com

  48. How does anyone choose just one Robert Kauffman!! I’ll spontaneously narrow it down to the vintage cameras retro collection ;) And SO many other kawaii cute things on the site!! ;)

  49. The Robert Kauffman fabric right on the first screen caught my eye. The trucks, especially, but the hot air balloons and kites were super fun too. This site could be dangerous for my budget! Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. I like the white fox forest animal minky fabric,panel sea animal fabric,white bird fabric with colorful birds, and white cats and flowers fabric.

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